Lets pray for this young fella

Lets pray for this young fella

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  1. Mandingo Ovary Buster’s Son: “Can you bring my hoodie to school tomorrow? I need it back.”

    Mandingo Ovary Buster’s Son’s Ex: “Nah, I can’t do that.”

    Mandingo Ovary Buster’s Son: “So you really ain’t gonna let me get the hoodie back? You buggin.”

    Mandingo Ovary Buster’s Son’s Ex: “I gave it to the boy who got me a extra slice of pizza at lunch.”

    Mandingo Ovary Buster’s Son: [Pikachu Meme Face Ass]

  2. so was friends with this girl for like 2 years. And we started talking, talking. We were out one day in the summer and it was in the evening, I was fine but she was feeling chilly so I gave her my grey full sleeve shirt. We got into a fight and stopped talking. I missed my grey full sleeve shirt, so I messaged her one night asking for it back and she got mad that I wanted my shirt back and not her. I never got my shirt back 😭

  3. once left my hoodie at a FWB’s house in college and she legit pretended like it didn’t exist when i texted asking her to bring it to class for me. like the fuckin’ thing was bright red how are you going to act like it is not sitting on your fuckin futon right now

  4. I used to always steal my older brothers clothes when he was gone. He went to camp for the week and I wore his favorite hoodie everywhere. Wore it over to my girlfriends house and left it there. Then we broke up the next day so I couldn’t get it back. Still to this day have never told him that’s how it got lost. Denied that I ever stepped foot in his room and told him he must’ve lost it at camp haha


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