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Today’s video is my lazy mom life hacks you have to try to make your day easier and more productive. These mom life and parenting tips are ones I use everyday with all 4 of my kids as a stay at home mom. Let me know in the comments below what mum hacks you use on a daily basis!

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Myka Stauffer : LAZY Mom Hacks to TRY Today! || Mom & Parenting Tips to Make your Life Easier!

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  1. I hope you all liked these mom hacks! Hit that thumbs up video if you love my mommy content part of my channel<3 Please share down below your favorite mom hacks tips or secrets! Have an amazing day!

  2. I was sent here feom Phil and Alex's channel. 💕💕💕Not a mom but had a car "hack". If you've got a pop socket the company makes a small mount that's easy to stick on your dash and lets you slide the closed pop socket easily into place. I am always loosing my phone in my car especially if im turning and it goes sliding between the seats. I also like it because it leaves the ports available so i can charge my phone and have the aux cord easily reachable.
    My mom use to recycle huge pretzel containers and we would create our own trailmix and almost triple how far the ingredients would go. It’s way more economically than constantly buying premixed trailmix. Great for families on the go because you could also make little prepackaged ziplocs to grab and go. I dont suggest adding anything that will melt easily in the heat if you want avoid messy fingers.
    So far enjoying your videos. I will probably still comment as i go back and watch your older videos. 💜

  3. The hack I liked best is it's ok to be this way👍. For me its bubbles something is so nice about kids outside playing with bubbles while I relaxe in my yard chair. They get to roudy inside or not getting along. I pull out bubble tubes and out we go. It gets me outside too get thoses sun vitamins.

  4. another hack if you hate mixing juices or cant get all the juice crystals just stick the water in the blender with the amount of juice crystals needed and then just hit blend. Seriously a life saver, i hated mixing juice for the longest of time before i found this hack.


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