Sometimes you just have to hit the road in your camper van and see what happens. Lisa is doing this as a single solo female vanlifer that is living life to the fullest! Check out her links below if you would like to follower her adventures.

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Tiny Home Tours : Lawyer Transformed A Nissan Work Van Into An Amazing Tiny House // Solo Female Vanlife




  1. A small idea on storage for bicycles. They sell a swing out mount for bikes. Look it up. You put your bike on it and then when you need your door in the back opened. You just swing out the hitch mount and then open the door. It’s easy and always fast. Great for gas station stops and maybe you want to open back door for a sec. just swing out the bike bracket or hitch mount and open the door. Totally awesome stuff. Tacos were great! Freakin Taco Bell lol

  2. 💖🏕U and your van ROCK!! One of the best I have ever seen! Only things I would suggest are a BIG mosquito net to drape across your doors when they are open and a portable solar panel👍🏾U are such a brilliant young lady. I wish you happy, safe travel🙏🏽💖

  3. A lot of blaming the guy who wired your van. As a contractor we experience this all the time. We don't read minds. You obviously SAID you would at times plug into shore power, then you found out you would be more nomadic.

  4. Even though I was a bit put off when seeing this video was 51 minutes long, I eventually watched it completely in one sit! I couldn't stop watching! Your energy is amazing! A very detailed tour and explanation of why you put this, and that. Thank you, and safe travels! You have VERY nice van 🙂

  5. I must have missed the cabinet for the dry goods (pantry)… was there one designated, or do provisions go directly from grocery store, to cooking for the week, to the fridge?

  6. I love how she keeps calling her van Freebird. So sweet. ♥

    As I am planning my own vanlife I would have loved to see Freebird from the outside too. Besides I'd find it extremely helpful if you'd give the dimensions (inside/outside) of each van you show us. Would help my tremendously with my own planning as I'm definately not an expert in vehicle types.

  7. But what area allows her to have her hair like that as a lawyer tho.? I'm not hating at all, I'm just genuinely curious. Courts don't seem to be a place too open for idk, non typical "unrespectful" ppl.

  8. Very detailed video. Picked up some good ideas like the way you set up the stove across from the sink and the sitting/bed setup. Looks like you can sit 6 to 8 people in there. I liked a setup where the sitting area was across from the sliding door converts to a bed or put a table up with the door open for a view but your setup sits more. Adding solar will give you a nice set up if you want to stay somewhere for a week.

  9. you don't want the van to look like a freak but you want to look like one? wow, grow up and be a real adult, get rid of that ugly stupid un-natural hair colour! Seriously, not  good look little girl

  10. Great layout- one of the best diy jobs I've seen. Make sure plenty of ventilation when using propane…plus a carbon monoxide alarm is a good idea too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Didn't really watch all of your video but I did get the gist of it. Nice transformation. I wonder how you like living in it, if you do. I am considering downsizing and looking to people that have smaller RVs for advice. Did you do anything to prepare? How have things been as far as maintenance with the car? Security – anyone try to break in? Just some thigns I wonder about.

  12. Wow, fascinating video. Thanks for sharing all this with the world. It's interesting to learn not just about the technical details of your van, but also how that interfaces with your lifestyle. I'm in Austin, too, but when I finish up here, I'm hitting the road somehow. I know I want to be minimalistic, but I just don't know how minimalistic I want to be or how far I want to travel. Videos like yours help me decide between backpack or van. Thanks!


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