Just finished this painting I call

Just finished this painting I call “Fishing Trip”

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  1. Your Toronto painting and the one you did just about when I joined Reddit of a spaceman sitting under some tree like a cherry tree are still fond Reddit encounters.

    Edit: Dude you deserved the attention. Cool on Reddit.

  2. I’m imaging an astronaut stuck on a hostile alien planet. His ship is destroyed, if he takes his helmet off for one second he’s dead, and there’s no backup coming for at least a decade. So he’s just like “fuck it”, makes himself a make-shift fishing pole and decides to finally put time aside for fishing like he’s always promised himself. He can’t make it back, but it’s not a bad way to go all things considered.

    Or am I just too high right now? Either way, awesome painting.

  3. I’m almost never interested enough to comment on painting submissions, but I find this extremely appealing and it strikes me that it is very well executed. The selection of colours, the way the water is darker in parts and lighter in others gives an impression of deeper waters and smaller pools. If I was forced to pick on one thing, I would submit that making the bushland in the background a little darker around the base, would make it recede into the background a little and maybe give the entire piece a slightly stronger impression of depth or dimension. I enjoy this, thank you for sharing. Keep on creating,

  4. Did you post something earlier this year that had a starry night camp fire feel to it? I think I remember it bc of the astronaut. Either way, love your style. Nice work!

    Edit: you did!!!!!

  5. Damn bro you must be one of the best redditors and painters I’ve ever seen. You’ve replied to almost every comment with positive energy and I’m digging it! Love your work and I’m definitely giving your insta a look. Keep up the good work!

  6. Flooko, I bought a shirt and print of yours. You’ve got to stop making things with my favorite colors and sense of imagination, I’m going to go broke.

    I follow you on Instagram and practically have drooled the past week over following your live stories, so happy you’re creating more and more.

    Keep doing what you’re doing man, you have a huge fan and supporter in me.


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