President Donald Trump’s lead lawyer, John Dowd, has resigned from the President’s personal legal team handling the response to the Russia investigation. “I love the President and wish him well,” Dowd said in a statement to CNN.

CNN : John Dowd resigns as Trump’s lead lawyer



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  1. This impasse is a result of mutually exclusive personalities: Lawyers tend to be more logical and rational, often hedging their statements to avoid being pigeonholed; Spanky is impulsive and ruled only by unreflective passion.

  2. Why good lawyers don't want to represent Trump:
    1) He won't listen to his lawyers.
    2) He constantly lies to his lawyers.
    3) He often doesn't pay his lawyers until sued.
    4) They don't want to work with his mobster lawyers.
    5) They're afraid of tarnishing their reputations.
    6) They don't feel that they can win.
    7) They simply don't like him.

  3. People who are voluntarily leaving 45's administration, legal teams and other agencies are trying to redeem themselves. Frankly, they see the world of shit this dude creates wherever he goes. A word of advice to others that support 45… GET OUT (remember the movie)😶

  4. I think Trump is the best thing that has ever happened for the independents and the democrats. If these people still ignore innovators and leaders such as Sanders after they(Dem. Party) and Putin got Trump elected, and still promote elite inner circle non-innovator establishment darlings such as The Hillary, then the Democrats and the various independents will continue to lose. To the great lost of the majority of the American people and to the de-stabilization of the world.

  5. Everyone hates Lyin' Donnie. The lawyers have all left him because they see he's an asshole, and he'll probably be going to prison. So, they're fleeing from this scumbag.

  6. This is a chess move..either Dowd knows Trump is going to try to fire Muller or..there's a smoking gun that Muller is getting closer to & Dowd refuses to go down with the ship.

  7. The sad thing about all this is, this plays like a movie with all the people leaving and lying by people, yet this is real and there are major implications about this, please get Trump out of there before we regret it anymore. Also only in America could this happen, WHY.

  8. the trump white house is the titanic… and trump is the titanic's captain, screaming "fuck you, iceberg! fuck yoooouuu! fuuuuu ahhhhh ahhhhhhh … wtf, wtf… wtf is happe…. blub blobb blubber"

  9. Th plan must be to keep the country in chaos, do crazy things and when he declares there will be no elections in 2020 everyone will be burnt out and just think it’s another crazy day. America the cucked.


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