Lieutenants Loft : Joe Rogan’s Tips To Lose Weight

how to lose weight


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  1. Bullshit. If youre a Rogan and you work out as much as he claims….why is he fat?

    Either A) He isnt working out as much as he claims B) His diet is shit….posting your elk meals doesnt do dick.

  2. The down of metabolism happens when you have low energy from carb but can't excess your fat storage for energy. It's the insulin from eating carb that block the fat burning. That's why in calorie restriction people gain back almost all of the weight they loose in long term. Eliminate sugar and high carb in your diet and this won't happen. intermittent fasting + keto diet

  3. People focus too much on "losing weight" instead of "burning fat." If they focused on burning fat by working out and taking in clean calories they would look way better.

    You can be 200 fat or 200 muscle…you will look fat when fat and in shape when in shape.

  4. As some who was obese my entire life untill I decided to start making a change when I was around 22. My heaviest weight was 376 lbs and im almost 5'8" so you can imagine I was round lol. Im almost 31 now and im around 185. I have lost almost 200lbs. And have managed to keep the weight off and I will for the rest of my life. Sometimes I get up to 230 or so but not often. Anyways I decided after I could barley get off the couch that it was time to make a change or die. I was set up to get the lap band surgery. A few weekes before that a friend of mine talked me into going to a MMA gym with him. He knew I always loved the art. So I did and it was the hardest thing I ever started to do. I could even run a lap around the mats But I fell in love with Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu immediately. I had lost like 10 lbs in those first couple weeks and I decided to back out of the surgery. Literally was the best choice I ever made. I committed my self to a healthier lifestyle. Eating, running, lifting, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. A couple years later I was in the best shape of my life because of my friend talking me into it and because of those 2 martial arts. My gym closed down and I dident practice either of those up until a few months ago I started bsck at a differnt gym and am so happy I did. Do obese people can lose weight. Its hard but your mind is a very very powerful thing and only you can make those changes! I have bad knees, shoulders and lots of aches and pains but it does not stop me from going and putting my time in on those mats. If your going through a change or looking to make a change I hope my little story in a nutshell will keep you motivated or inspire you to make that change. Dont give up. Work hard and change will come. I promise you this.

  5. i find joe funny and entertaining which i why i watch his shit somtimes, but for the love of god never listen to any medical advice he gives lmao. I trust a cardiologist more than a stand up comedian when it comes to blood pressure medication

  6. I ate whole foods plant-based diet. Lost 22Lb in 12 weeks without going hungry.

    Now I eat a little meat once a week. I have kept the weight off for a year now without even trying.

  7. “You should get your hormones checked”. Why so you can nocebo the shit out of yourself? Create problems that don’t exist? This is really stupid I’m a huge fan of rogan but when it comes to training and overall health he has literally no idea what he’s talking about. He shouldn’t be giving advice.

  8. “Famine mode” is bullshit, I don’t like the way joe fear mongers with the blinking slower stuff. Studies show there’s an average caloric adaptation of 0-20%. There’s nothing wrong with losing a bunch of weight faster rather than slower if you’re a clinically very obese individual.

  9. I’ve been doing keto for 2 weeks and am not losing weight . I’ve done loads of research and I’m doing it correctly. No cheating at all. I think my metabolism is screwed as I’ve been a yo yo-er for years and years. How do I fix it


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