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The Credit Shifu : Is The Amex Everyday Credit Card the best “First Amex”?



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  1. I’m confused, say on day 1 of the monthly cycle I spend $500 then do not spend anything until the end of the circle. Would I get charged the same amount of interest if I spent $500 on day 29 of my circle instead of day 1? As from day 2-28 do they work out the interest on a daily basis?

  2. I just applied for the Blue Cash Everyday Card and was instantly approved with a substantial spending power (credit line). Amex pulled Experian and all my other revolving accounts are in good standing. I did request a free balance transfer and it is pending under review, the card has 15 months at 0% and a low interest rate. The downside to American Express is that small merchants do not accept the card because of the limitations with their merchant account.

  3. I don't have an Amex but have been researching to get one. The Gold looks attractive with the travel rewards and also the British Airways one.I did the likelihood of getting approved on their site and got a 9/10 for both, which was surprising as I have just a year's worth credit history. Although I have two other cards (a Barclay Freedom and Lloyds Platinum) and have been paying my balances off in full.

  4. Not sure I'd agree Shifu, especially with their new bonus restrictions. It's a solid card to keep those MR points alive vs requiring fee cards to transfer points, like Chase. You'll find 25k offers if you go incognito, same spend requirement too. Keep up the good work. 👍

  5. Wait, I have a question. When you apply for a credit card, do they not check your income? Just your credit score? I'm in college and have taken really good care of my basic credit cards so I have a really really good score, but my income is embarrassing. I live off of scholarships and I've been staying away from the Chase cards because all this time I thought they'd look at my income. Would a very good score be enough to get the Chase trifecta (minus the CSR cause annual fee)?

  6. Not to mention that Amazon frequently has deals for MR point user. Spend 1 point and get 20% off. That will take a lot of spending to accumulate the equivalent amount of cash back for whatever you are spending.


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