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Asian Boss : Is China Becoming A Black Mirror Episode (Social Credit) | ASIAN BOSS




  1. Very very brave of you . May I ask you a question ? Are you worried about your government retaliating against you for these types of videos ? What happens if 84 out of 100 people you interview disagree with this credit system ? Do you edit the video in a way to make it look like the majority agree ? ( in fear of retaliation ?) or do you post the video as is and risk everything ? Just a question I have never been out of California , but I have read plenty of articles about different cultures and people disagreeing with government .
    Not saying I believe the articles . I’m simply just asking a question . Thank you for your time

  2. Seems like commenter didn't even watch the whole video. I watched it and it seems like they agree on the positive sides of it (pay rental in time increase the score) and most of them actually disagree on the interpersonal relationship side of it and yet everyone in comment seems to mention they agreed on everything why is that? Plus I think most of the commenter start to think of it very negatively because they are comparing it to black mirror when in fact it is quite different from it. I mean if Black Mirror wasn't mention in the video I believe quite a lot of commenter would also think very differently now wouldn't they? The amount of paranoia in the comment section seems like its induced by watching too much drama. I think the system was made most probably because of how the outside world tend to criticize china on their social conducts and yet when they are trying out a new system to amend to that issue everyone starts going crazy. When you approach anything with paranoia everything will be negative…

  3. This video is making the same mistake everyone else is making. the credit system run by INDIVIDUAL COMPANIES is NOT RELATED to the government program. the government program was started in response to these companies credit system to reduce the amount of power companies had over public information. thus asking people about the private programs has no bearing in understanding the impact of the system. how can you guy has missed this?

  4. Voting preferences? I can imagine your social credit taking a dive if your candidate doesn't make office.
    What about that religious post or meme that you liked which is not popular with an anti religious regime?
    And what about your YouTube comments? Freedom of Speech, freedom of choice, church attendance will be impacted.
    These people saying that they won't unfriend 'that friend' will they change their mind if they can't buy or sell food, or travel to see loved ones overseas because of that connection?
    The beast system ladies and gentlemen.

  5. I feels like most interviewees weren't aware how powerfully such a credit system would become, they simply take it as an advanced surveillance system for the law-breakers. But I don't think so, IF the system is going to estimate my credit score based on my social connections with others, and it is an official system that will affect me from applying loans, applying schools, looking for jobs. Then, essentially, the government is using this system to affect my choice of friends. For example, I may have a friend who's sloppy about jaywalk, I may feel bad about it. But I may still want to be friends with her/him, and now the system is forcing me to unfriend him by lowering my score… That's just not right. I should have freedom of choosing whoever to be my friends… Right?

  6. The thing that I'm worried about is all this big data tech used to generate the so called 'credit score' can't represent the actual CREDIT SCORE of a person…. It's just an estimation, and estimation would make mistake, this could ruin someone's life if the estimation went wrong…….

  7. damn, its heading towards being like Japan….where no one tells the truth, everyones got 2 face (Tatemae vs. Honne). Where you are also forced to work long hours because of "social standing and obligation, and keeping your ratings high with the bosses"

  8. It already has affected MY LIFE in the USA. They now do town surveys from the celebrities , the wealthy , to the poor. No accountability at all. They already have the sick , the impoverished , the lower middle class at the bottom. As well as " Family, Friends , & Peers " vote , which counts for 95% of the vote. Which is a " Popular " likeability vote, they do it to twins and multiples, especially children or adult children and vote every aspect of their life. Which is what happened to me, so I am boycotting it in Ohio.

    It is unconstitutional, and it has to do with these insane laws the U.N. passed to strip americans of their rights and to depopulate and for famous musicians(mostly & wealthy colligate grads.) to cover a third to a fifth of the business is amatuers and deny them housing , education , work , proper compensation, and legal rights to lawyers and shun them.

  9. I don't understand… The system is literally about the financial credits… (And you don't even have to use it if you don't want to) Isn't it the same with the American crediting system?? Except the American one seems to be vital? The title is too misleading.

  10. China is definitely in crisis since what they build or trying to build are all trying to kill itself… but hell, I have no idea which one is Asian since America is having products looking like Koreans while Koreans are in crisis in Asia as well…. 😬

  11. These aren't honest opinions. Will you honestly start condemning a government that even considers and put in work such a system? if the big guy is lucky at best, he would only be put on a list and nothing else. e.g. just documented for now.

    There is so much power and capability for abuse. One example is the contrary opinion can be construed as being an enemy of the state when in-fact they are the most patriotic of them all, willing to risk their neck over inconveniences and threat.

  12. Kind of glad I live in America. Yes, dealing with all the subcultures that want to be heard can be a real pain…but at least we don't have to force ourselves to live oppressively fake lives because of our Constitution. (Which I like to wave at people trying to oppress me and alter my behavior because they are trying to take away my freedom by taking away my right to choose how I live that the U.S. Constitution guarantees me.) Sure…if you are wealthy and you live like a commoner the snooty Americans give you dirty looks, but that's pretty tolerable if you were raised to have a tough backbone. To have to subject yourself to an endless world of dishonesty, pantomime and illusory happiness must be absolute mental torture. Is it no wonder Asian society has an increasing rate of suicide? It's very very sad to me.

  13. I don't think the english translation was 100% effective and coherent. Not trying to say that it was intentional, but some expressions can't be simply translated into other languages. So there might be some misunderstandings going on here.
    And… after watching the entire video, and seeing the comments, it feels like a lot of the people miss the whole point of what those who were interviewed actually said.
    First of all, the discussion was focused on "financial credit" and they spent half of the video discussing about a financial app, called 芝麻信用. It is different from "social credit". And I do think that most of the interviewed people, at least, are conscious and awared of the things that are happening in THEIR society and country.
    So, yeah… WE, outsiders, those who didn't and doesn't live there, should really have a deeper thinking when facing these kind of videos, or internet posts, news, etc, and take them as an opportunity to think about our own living environment, instead of jumping into conclusions right away, or commenting about an unconnected situation, with a condescending attitude…

  14. This Social Credit System is the ultimate source of power and intrusion over the common person who only wants to do good for himself and his family. How is this different from the caste system in India or indentured servitude or slavery? Human Beings are not Cattle to be controlled and watched over like animals who have to rights and no inherent value except to be killed for the spoils

  15. This is probably what the Society needs though, what's wrong with rating people on how good and well they do? We already do that in everything, and a system like this will further peoples aims to do good in society. ONLY problem lies in the State if it's a good or bad one, i.e if they censor and mark people just for things they find not fit that are injust and furthers some dark agenda.
    But really wake up everyone, we are already watched and measured, been for long time.. now it's just official, in a handy Online Live version, where you can follow ur stats, I mean if ur good and try to do good, then ur good!

  16. This is a social experiment. In the Chinese people are not resisting it it is tantamount to slavery. Controlling who your friends with what you do the quality of products you buy the way you voice your opinion. And turning it into a game or competition to see who has the best score encourages you to fall in line.


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