Iowa’s children hospital

Iowa’s children hospital

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  1. It’s not just a children’s hospital. University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is a huge research and teaching hospital.

    I grew up in cedar rapids and my father was a research patient for Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (type 1) at UIHC

  2. Not to be overly dramatic, but any time I see something like this, I think of my young kids and wonder how the fuck parents get through it. I literally wouldn’t function as a human if my kid were sick like this.

  3. I had tickets to go to the game at the children’s hospital on October 20th because my son was born prematurely and was in the NICU. My husband and I were going to go, but sadly my son passed away the day before so we went home.

    The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital is an incredible facility. The care they gave us during the fifteen days he lived and the eight hours after he died was truly unbelievable. This view from the hospital and the wave are just part of the amazing care their little patients receive.

  4. I used to work at this hospital (not the children’s hospital, but the adult side). It was magnificent. So glad to see the children’s hospital getting the recognition it deserves.

    I have transferred pediatric patients from the emergency department to the children’s wing before. The kiddos are certainly lucky, that’s for sure.

  5. I love this hospital. Kinda unethical advice, but if you’re ever arrested for drugs or drunk driving in Iowa City don’t go the places the court recommends for your drug evaluation and substance abuse classes. You’ll spend a couple months paying for piss tests. The hospitals programs don’t piss test and it’s about half the price.

  6. I have season tickets and an extra to bring a friend. The tickets are directly across from the hospital. Without fail the people I bring who are seeing it for the first time start crying. It’s so wholesome and sad at the same time.

    Go Hawks!

  7. Thank you for posting this. Being born and raised 20 minutes from Iowa City and a Hawkeye fan since birth, it’s not always easy to be a hawk fan. But every fan beems with pride at the mention of this new tradition. It shows the type of character you get from people in Iowa. So thank you for putting iowa on the front page. Fun fact btw, i think the whole idea was first raised here on reddit

  8. Man I miss Iowa City. Living a year in the town and saving up for my move to Los Angeles was so lovely. Didn’t have to worry about class schedules and other nonsense, just actually got to enjoy my time in a town I called home.

    Really happy about our new tradition giving publicity to a true hidden gem in the midwest.

  9. I’m a tiger and a cajun and I love our traditions (let the band play neck, and the only campus with an on site actual swamp built over a WW2 bunker(UL Lafayette))

    However the Kinnick Wave(sp maybe? ) is the greatest tradition in sports , and as such I will never not want Iowa to win home games

  10. I go to the in state rival for Iowa, but my sister has had to use that hospital for cancer and heart failure treatments. Because of that, even as a cyclone, I absolutely love the Hawkeyes and this tradition

  11. Say what you want about the team, style of play, Captain Kirk, play calling etc, I am proud to be an Iowa native and lifelong fan of the Hawks. There are some things that are bigger than sports, and this my friends, is one of those things.

  12. Literally the best tradition to be a part of! I’ve cried both times I was able to participate in the wave at Kinnick. Tugs at the heart strings and really grounds you.

  13. I’m an Iowa State grad and I was involved big time in ISU’s Dance Marathon, which directly benefitted the hospital, and mostly the families that stayed there long term. That hospital does absolutely incredible things and we, as a state, are lucky to have it.

  14. I’m an Alabama fan down here in Tuscaloosa but want to make the journey there one day to be a part of that. It’s such an amazing gesture that does mean so much to so many kids in their greatest time of need.

  15. I just watched that video & now I am crying too. My husband & I list out only son at the age of 14. He was handicapped. He was the size of a three year old at age 14. It’s so hard to loose a child. Our son Christopher couldn’t walk or talk due to lack of oxygen before birth. The umbilical cord was crimped between his neck & his head. He died from pertussis, the whooping cough. Our whole family got it except me. I live in California, we took him to Lucile Packard at Stanford Hospital. They did not do their job right. They never had the blinds open, they had the door shut all the time. I even went behind the nurses station Counter and got yelled at. What I wanted to find out was… Were there any monitors behind there. There was not. Believe it or not, it does get better within time. If I didn’t believe in God and know that I did see him again one day, I think I would lose it. But I do have dreams about him all the time. And I pray for all those children in that hospital and for their parents, give them strength in Jesus Christ amen.

  16. Wisconsin fan here. Everytime we play Iowa they mention the children’s hospital and televise parts of the wave. I think it’s a cool move by the institutions and just™ that this exists.


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