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Joma Tech : Interview with a Software Engineer without CS Degree



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  1. 1. I asked someone what ls was too during my internship.
    2. I also wanted to do more art too but thankfully I found love in programming…. But I hated every other IT subjects I've ever taken at school.

  2. I wasted 4 years for Just ENGLISH WRITTEN Practice. Stupid & selfish teachers/management.. It's worst If you study in Indian Private School/ Government affiliated Private College. But now, I love my job without mentioning my ENGINEERING DEGREE.. Totally wast of money, effort and Time.

  3. Agreed: Connections and networking are key, especially without a degree. I self taught and got a job at a small webshop through a poker friend, (luck plus connection), and even though I was pretty mediocre at my first programming job, it really oriented me to what was important. Got fired after 9 months, spent a lot more time just doing tutorials and side projects, then got another job. Learned a little bit more. Eventually got a "junior developer" job off stackoverflow which I was way more prepared for than they expected, and I transitioned into being a backend developer and have been there almost 3 years. At this point, now that I have some solid experience on my resume, I get a decent amount of job offers and I'm much more confident in my ability to program. Recently went to a meetup and found what might be my next job just from chatting with a lead engineer. (If you're curious, i do .NET coding, and the new opportunity is Operations work like AWS, Docker and general networking, I hope to set myself up to be an SRE in a few years.)

  4. The title is confusing …
    You cannot become an "engineer" without degree, that doesn't make sense … Engineer is a title you earn. Like Dr or Phd.
    While of course you can become a "software developer" without any degree… and maybe a better one than a software engineer …

    Guys, I do encourage anyone to learn programming!

  5. Without CS degree, and self learn.. Yes you can work in the Industry… But maybe you can't call it yourself Software Engineer, you are a programmer, thats all. Through time you can get the skill of a SW Engineer. Second: The field is very wide, developing programs for a big range of markets and applications, from a simple web system, or a stand alone program, to Search Engines, AI, Medical Applications , Space applications… I really have my doubts if you can get hired in a place with a High Engineering Discipline… like medical or aerospace, places in which is needed to have more knowledge of Math, tools, scientific profile and analytical profile.


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