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Mark Kohler breaks down the myths and facts when it comes down to using insurance or an LLC for your business.

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  1. Can you do a video on how to file taxes quarterly?
    I have an accountant but he practically says that I dont need him as long as I have technology.
    I have NEVER done my own taxes.. I lived with mommy and went to school etc so she handled some things. Now I'm ready on my own

  2. Great short definition of Umbrella Insurance Mark! This is also sometimes called Blanket Liability Insurance. Also, buying Umbrella Insurance "standalone" isn't really even possible! (Unless you buy BOTH, then DROP the Base coverage). Last thing: The "Deductible" for your Umbrella Policy is equal to the "Maximum" of the Base Policy: $500,000 maximum Base = $500,000 "Deductible" on the Umbrella!


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