How to increase your credit score by keeping card utilization low.
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Ask Sebby : Increase Your Credit Score by Pre-Paying Your Cards




  1. So if I pay everything off before the closing date, when should I use the card again? For example the billing cycle is Jan 1 to 31st. I pay everything off the 30th. When should I use my card again? Or is it better to let 1% be reported to the Bureau and pay it off after it’s reported?

    1. How often should you use a credit card that you plan to keep for longevity ?
    2. Should you use and pay off, or should you let it cycle through a billing period?( so that it hits your credit report( utilizAtion ) ?
    3. How long will it be when they close your account with no use ? (Months, 1 year)?
    What I have been doing is using my “Longevity “ cards in November maybe once so that I show activity. But what are the repercussions having minimum use on these?
    4.And when do they typically close accounts for minimal use or no use. ?
    Thanks !

  3. If you're a person just getting started on credit cards: should i only apply for one credit card? Can I apply for two at the same time/within a small period of time, or is that going to affect m chances? Thank you!

  4. I always thought that setting my auto-pay to "statement balance" would do this exact thing, but it didn't! I need to manually do this every time before the balance ever even shows up. Thanks for this info!

  5. Incredibly useful video. Had no idea that paying down before statement takes your utilization down even though it doesn't recover your available credit line for the month.

  6. I have one credit card with a low limit & I have been paying my balance in full every month about 4 days before my due date just to ensure all my pending purchases are cleared. My credit score is in the 700s now & Im curious with this method say my credit card bill for example is $500.. I would pay $495 and pay the $5 after after my due date? Also, I'm thinking of getting the Chase freedom card with the $200 bonus as my next credit card. Do you think I have fairly good odds of being accepted. My current card is the cash rewards card with Bank of America.

  7. Can someone please answer this for me. To increase your score do you pay off the amount before the statement date or after. If after then do you pay it a few days before the due date? I just spent $25 out of a $300 limit card. 9% utilization. My statement date is Nov 1st. Do I pay the $25 in full before the statememt date or after Nov 1st but before the due date? I need to raise my credit as quickly as possible. Thanks

  8. I have always been under the impression if I pay my card off before my statement period ends then do not receive my cash back points. Is this incorrect? Ex. I put $1000 on my card during the period and let it post to the statement I get 2% cash back on $1000. If I pay $500 off before the period ends and only let $500 post then I only get 2% cash back points on the $500 posted not the $1000 spent during the period

  9. Hi Sebby! So I’ve been trying to make sure I get zero spend each month by pre paying my cards but for some reason it’s still showing my balance. For ex: on of my card is due on the 28th of the month and my statement usually comes out on the 2-4 around that time I would always pay my statement balances in full but it would always report the statement before I could pay it

  10. My credit score goes up by at least 15 pts by leaving $1 balances and then paying it off, using it, and leaving the $1 balance again. I will not use that card for the week, however, when leaving that $1 balance I use my other cards and do the same with them. It’s revolving credit so I just revolve them to keep them kinda keep them all active.

  11. Hi! During the video you referred to the day that your credit issuer send your utilization over to the credit bureau as the "Picture Date" If I didn't know the exact date( "Picture Date") and had to call my credit card company, what is the actual term that I would ask them when trying to receive that date?


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