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  1. I worked a Friendly’s years ago and we had one. Granted it was ONE and it was all the basic menu items, not the specials, but hey, better that than nothing. We also had a waitress who knew sign, so she always got the few deaf customers, but they always appreciated her.

  2. I learned recently that the majority of blind people in the US cannot read braille, because most diseases that would cause blindness in children are prevented through vaccines. Now, most people that become blind do so at a very old age, at which point it’s kinda too late for them to learn.

  3. My sister is also learning brail, and is really good at it. She is visually impaired and it’s pretty rare for restaurants to hold brail menus, except Olive Garden. When we went to Olive Garden, they noticed she had a cane and told us that they carried brail menus. We had her read us the menu and then we picked what we wanted.

  4. I flew to Barcelona with a blind friend more than ten years ago and I remember the flight assistant giving my friend a sheet of cardboard with the safety instructions in case of emergency. I recall that the instructions contained a Braille depiction of the plane with the emergency exits.

  5. I think about stuff like this all the time as a nurse! We take our patients out that need specialized dining equipment or their food puréed/whipped and it’s such a pain to bring our equipment and I know it annoys other diners to hear our immersion blenders but our patients are so joyful when they can have that experience like everyone else! I hope someone can open a resteraunt someday where there can be more space for wheel chair seating accommodations (most resteraunts are very narrow which I understand) and possibly adaptive dining like certain cups and plates and spoons which make it easier to eat 🙂 this photo makes me so happy

  6. I have a genuine question. So how do deaf people eat. Like I understand they can still chew and swallow but how do they get the food on their forks and stuff if they can’t see it?

    Edit: fuck me not deaf blind


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