I’m quite possibly the only registered democrat in my area. They change my polling location every election so now it’s a 21 mile round trip from my home. They’ll never suppress my vote.

I’m quite possibly the only registered democrat in my area. They change my polling location every election so now it’s a 21 mile round trip from my home. They’ll never suppress my vote.

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  1. I don’t get it… do republicans vote somewhere else?

    And if not, and they are really the majority, then doesn’t this hinder them more than you?


    OK. These discussions turn out to be a lot more interesting than I ever would have thought!


    this has been eye opening. I won’t cherry pick comments but want to invite everyone to delve into the child comments beneath this one! This topic definitely is an amazingly complicated but worthy matter to get into!

  2. I have a question as a Canadian? Do they send Democrats and Republicans to different voting stations? I don’t get how they can suppress a vote by making the location difficult for Democrats.

  3. If you are near Tuscaloosa, as evidenced by your user name and your Alabama voting sticker, you are nowhere near the only registered Democrat in your area, seeing as how Tuscaloosa has reelected a democratic mayor three times. Looks to me like you are implying Republican shenanigans against the “lone democrat”, when Tuscaloosa actually has more dems than Republicans.

  4. “The only registered Democrat in my area.”
    “21 mile round trip from my home”
    “They’ll never suppress my vote”

    Yeah, so you’re the only Democrat in your area, and they purposefully made the polling place 21 miles round trip. So, by that logic I guess that means they’re suppressing the republicans votes too, right? Also, 21 miles round trip is a measly 10.5 miles each way. That is at best a 10-15 minute drive. I drive slightly more than that to get to work and I am constantly praised for how short my commute is.

    Is this a joke?

    Disclaimer: I lean Democrat.

  5. If you’re the only D in your area, do you think “they” (Republicans, I’m assuming) are trying to suppress all the republicans in your area’s voting? What you said doesn’t make sense.

  6. Dude a lot of people vote by mail. You can too. Just plan ahead and stop being a dumbass. You aren’t “oppressed” for living in a rural area, and you certainly aren’t the “only registered democrat” in the Old Democrat South.

    Edit: 21 miles round trip?? Are you fucking stupid? That’s 10 and a half miles each way. Most of us drive more than that to school or work everyday. Just shut up with the BS already.

  7. 21 miles. I’m sorry you had to take a 10 minute drive each way.

    Also, if your town is nearly all republicans (as you say) and the nearest polling location is 21 miles out, wouldn’t that mean that the majority of people being inconvenienced are conservatives? i.e wouldn’t you say that the political right are having their votes “suppressed” a lot more in your town than you would be?

    Is that the farthest you’ve been from home before?

  8. Dude, just stop with these unsubstantiated agenda-driven posts. This is only popular on this site because it promotes a Republican-suppressing-Democrats agenda. As if it doesn’t happen both ways, if at all.

  9. You will never see a single post like this from a republican on the front page of r/pics. It’ll be lucky to see a positive ratio at all, actually.

    Neither party should be on the homepage of r/pics, anyway.

  10. So is there a specific polling location for democrats in your area that keeps getting moved? Or are you implying that someone is trying to make it hard for everyone in your heavily republican area to vote?

  11. >I’m quite possibly the only registered democrat in my area.

    So… Does that not mean that all the Republicans in your area, who would be the vast majority based on your post, are the ones whos vote is being suppressed?

    Because it looks a lot like you’re suggesting that a *majority republican* area had its polling placed changed multiple times…

    … wouldn’t that be suppressing the Republican vote?


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