i'm a dumb bitch

i’m a dumb bitch

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  1. I hate when teachers walk around and hover over you during a test. I don’t want to know that I’m wrong while I’m happily writing my incorrect answers. Ignorance is bliss.

  2. My math teacher in MS used to do this all the time. Mrs Perkins. Every test. Halfway through she would start walking around and looking at everyone’s paper. There was one kid in the class, we’ll call him Mike. Every time she would pass his desk, you’d hear a huge sigh and “Lawd have mercy”. The kid was really just extremely unintelligent, but she would try to help him as much as she could. She really was a great teacher.

  3. I do this to my CCD kids constantly. It just so happens that looking at somebody’s paper reminds me a certain question could be tricky. Never realized this could be going through their heads lmao.

  4. The same used to happen during group projects when you’re sitting down discussing the project with your classmates then when the teacher comes and you tell them your ideas which they respond with something like this then everyone in the group looking stupid af. It’s even worse when they say that line when the first group goes up and gets stopped mid presentation.

  5. Even worse is when you hand in your test and they
    take a look at your paper and say “Are you absolutely sure you’re done with this test? I’ll give it back to you if you want to change your answers.”

  6. To be honest most of the time I’m not even looking at the test when i walk around just making sure no one is cheating. I just say it to make sure my students are better students than i was and don’t lose points for not reading all the instructions.


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