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HEY everyone! We are a Army Family currently stationed in Alaska. We vlog our day to day lives the good and the bad…but regardless of anything we always try to stay positive and ALWAYS silly and REAL! My name is Kiara and I am a stay at home mom to our baby boys Decorey,Jericho and Kalia..+ our dogs Kacey,Chance and Rocky. My husband Desmond (35) is in the U.S Army…We left Alaska in Dec.2017 and now we are living in Texas… ! Thanks so much for watching and Please subscribe to join our family !

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  1. Wow, I have gone back and looked at some of your videos. I think you and your husband have a good marriage and that you both love each other. I know that you got married and had your first child at a young age. Your husband is 10 years older I believe and he genuinely seems like a good man that loves you and his family. It's hard enough to be a parent but harder to be a step parent. One thing that you must realize is that marriage is WORK: Hard WORK. Running away is never the answer and is not going to solve any thing. May be Corey needs to see a child psychologist so he can express what he is feeling. He is just a boy and really does not know how to deal with everything he is feeling himself. I am sure he is confused and conflicted in his feelings too and he is probably in a lot of emotional pain and feeling abandoned by his mother. Leaving would not be fair to any of the children and your husband as well. If you are attending a church maybe you can talk to a pastor or get some support from other parents going through the same thing. His mother is probably trying to create drama intentionally to ruin your marriage or she may simply have her own issues. Whatever the case is, you and your husband need to be on the same page and figure things out together. Maybe family counseling would be good for all of you so you can each express what you are feeling with someone there to guide the session so it doesn't turn into a gripe session. May prayers for you and your family.

  2. He's old enough to know he need to show respect let's be real he's her step son it's going to be difficult I've been in the same situation , was my ex son and his son was 8 he know right from wrong , when his dad around he listen and do what he have to do when his dad out this kid talking back to me and doing what his dad telling him not to do 🤦🏾😩 I'm the type I'll talk once after your dad and thats IT 😒 so one day I wasn't feeling good & his dad left him with me , his dad told him not to go out side he even left the keys on the dinning table , like 30 mins after his dad left I heard him going out side I called out to him n told him not too , he said he wanna play , at this time I was in bed sleeping cuz I wasn't feeling good n his dad knew that b4 he left, the kid left n went to play in the yard his dad came home n started arguing with me & I put him to his dam place n let him know his son dont ever listen when he's not around n always talking back 🤦🏾 I don't have kids so it's hard for me to get angry with ppl kids n I didn't want him telling his mom no b.s so I talk once n very soft every time n that's it ….. p.s I don't date me with kids now I'm too young for that drama

  3. @the end of the day PRECIOSA jus give him n show him the love n attention he craves from his mom after a wile he will notice tht ur the 1 there n he will start taking to you with no problem..n dice he's the oldest try n have one on o e time jus with him u feel me.much luv

  4. Just pure jealousy on birth moms part….she’s needs to move on with her life….ugh I get what your going through in some way, my hubbys son was kept from him for many years but he’s come around now on his own, hubby has told him some of what happened before….so I just think your wonderful step mom and mother to all of them, Corey will see that as he grows…take care and don’t stress to much on it, I’m sure your not…

  5. LEAVE… REALLY YOU THINK THAT'S THE ANSWER!!! WOW u should really rethink that my dear! Why would u let her ass win (his mom) FIGHT FOR UR FAMILY!!! Everything in life is NOT GOING TO BE EASY! I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU WILL REGRET LEAVING!!! Praying for ur family sis! 🙏

  6. It's a hard situation. It's not for everyone. If you feel you can't be a parent to a child who's not yours, leave. Don't play with them kids emotions. One day you're leaving one day you're staying. He already has one absent inconsistent parent. Go to therapy. Take the kid to therapy .it's traumatic to have a mom walk out on you. He's traumatized but holding his mom on a pedestal. Maybe he needs some therapeutic behavioral services. The worst thing you can do is talk bad about the bio mom to Corey regardlesswhat she'ssaying to him. Do some self care so you can stop focusing on the problem. Set boundaries with bio mom , go to court etc what you need to do to take her rights away. Everytime his mom doesn't show up, He's retraumatized. I wish y'all well. Always remember, He's a child you're the adult. You have to think why he's acting the way he is. Don't take it PERSONAL, he's a child!

  7. At this point Kiara your issues stem from YOU! What his mom does is only your problem because you make it to be. Stop concerning yourself with what she does/dont do, say/dont say. You need to stop speaking on it period. Let Desmond handle her and you do what you need to be doing regarding you! As long as she aint causing you or your family harm then she dont matter, period. Only refer to her when its necessary. Focus on Kiara…wife, mom of 3, entrepreneur, etc. Center your self and get control of YOU. Your age may make you an adult but your character and behaviors are what determine your maturity and capacity of being able to deal issues constructively just as such. So Let shit go! Talking about her is only keeping her relevant in a place in your lives where you dont want her to be. You have to grow up at some point and in more areas than one…we all do. Unfortunate/undesirable things happen in life that we cant control and his mom is one of those contributions but that cant be your focal point. Life is too short for the mess and bad vibes so why give your energy and time you arent even guaranteed to have to it? You're simply wasting your life on shit that does you no good…thats foolishness darling. Take ownership of your involvement in creating such chaos and start creating peace for you and your house. Live in gratitude, self respect, mindful thinking before speaking, kindness, and a sound heart. Thats ultimately where what you seek will be found..from within instead of complaining about shit you cant control. Support your children as much as you love them. You are one of their primary influencers so be considerate/discerning when handling them all. When times of being overwhelmed like this arise, and they will, take a moment to just breathe and just be…you owe that to yourself. Go to the gym, take yoga, get a massage, go shopping, etc. Then come back refreshed ready to proceed with your tasks. Life could be so much worse than what youre griping about and thats the beauty that you fail to see in this. Live Kiara's life how Kiara wants to be remembered. Everything else is pointless♥

  8. I feel for you girl. Although I am not a step mom I do know parenting is hard as I am a mother of 2, I can't even imagine being a step mom to a child that has such a toxic mother. You just had a baby and you really don't need the stress. I do believe that time heals all. He's only 9 and I think it takes more time to truly get used to a routine. I sympathize with Corey as well just because he's an innocent child being brainwashed and influenced by horrible people. I'm sure as he grows older he will see that he truly needs you and that you only want what's best for him and love him so much. Prayers to you girl.💖💖

  9. There is no time limit on parenting of any kind. If a child(ren) behavior is not normal, then the problem could be mental, physical, verbal etc… Example: I viewed the video, when the child spat, on another child in school, no one asked him politely, if he did everyone assumed. The father telling him, in a room full, of people, he had one bad and good hand. He felt threatened and wanted the parent, with the calm voice, to tell the truth. I have been a step parent and the children were rebellious at first. Then my ex-husband, and I agreed, for him to discipline his kids. Even though we had a child together, it remained the same. This plan worked, when he said no they would come, and ask me, then I would tell him or her yes. You really have to bond, with the child and spend more time alone with him. Regardless, of the negativity instilled inside the child, it can be reversed with positivity. Assure him he is loved and encourage him, to communicate with you and father daily. When his father is home, let him interact with the child. The child knows the father will threaten him so he feels unloved. Another thing, when the child is disciplined, it will be hard but hold your emotions. He has learned the father's weakness, and your emotions so he acts out to get attention. The main issue, with the child, is the father whom he loves will leave him. He also feels abandoned so he will not attach himself to neither the father or step-parent.
    Have a blessed day
    Message me so we can talk if needed

  10. It's amazing how All the blame, responsibility and drama falls on the women. The Man is the only one who can shut this down. Solving problems is what men do best. Instead his wife is left with frustration that ultimately affects HIS son. When He begins to actually focus on solutions rather than passing everything off to the women, things will get better. Both these women and his son need him to be the Leader in this situation.

  11. Soooooo…….It seems like Corey may be a getting into a little mischief (as ALL children do, step or natural) BUT your stress is really with that mom. SOOOOOOOO……. you are allowing this woman to direct the order and flow of YOUR home……..
    This is my first time on your channel, Love, but it seems like you need to hop out of your feelings and hop on a podium and set some rules and standards and mean it! Doggone it!!! People can only do what you ALLOW them to do.

  12. Speaking from experience…when you love your husband, you love what he comes with as your own. I had to learn that I was a new face for my step-daughter therefore it would take time for her to open up to me, and guess what I remained patient and built that bond EVEN with her mother telling her NOT to like me, that’s fine because one thing that will NEVER happen is someone else running my household, that being said my focus wasn’t on the mom my focus was on building and loving her child as my own. We pray together as a family and we’ve beat the Devil. Corey is innocent and doesn’t need to be involved in any of this drama, your mind is on the wrong things, you all can only worry about what happens when Corey is in you all’s care. Set rules and stand on them, this way no matter what happens outside the home Corey knows what’s expected of him while under you all’s household. Remember you can never replace the birth mother and make that clear to Corey that you’re not trying to, as I found this to be beneficial with my step-daughter, do to Corey as you would do to your own because in a marriage running isn’t an option, defeat the Devil , don’t let the Devil defeat you! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  13. This is my first video of you all that I've watched, so I apologize if I sound repetitive to the advice others have given but have you all considered family counseling and couples counseling. It appears that you all may could use a fresh perspective on how to trouble shoot problems and communicate effectively between each other. Also I see a lot of comments that are well meaning and have great validity but seem a bit judgemental and lack compassion given that it's easy to speak from a "what you should do" perspective and they're not in your shoes. I just want to say I empathize with you and I can only imagine how all of this might overwhelming for you. You are entitled to your feelings and their are neither right or wrong, it just is. I'll be praying for you and your family and hope that you guys find wise counsel that can help you navigate through this tough time.

  14. Godspeed to both of you.
    I've been a stepchild, the
    Impact is remarkable because my Stepmother showed me love (thank God). she passed, but she def left her mark

  15. I truly believe you resent him because he is not your child and you feel as though that the child is intruding upon the life that you want to make with this man. As he grows older he's going to see these videos he's going to see how you feel and believe it or not he already knows how you feel being a child of a broken home myself that's hard and difficult it's heartbreaking and as time goes on his attitude is not going to get any better. Until you stop calling him your stepchild spend more time with just him make things special for him for a moment you will see a change in his attitude he will show you love find the little things where he shows you his love. Just like the other commenters have stated if he was your child we wouldn't be talking about these videos at all think about it for a minute. Place yourself in his shoes for moment how toxic it can be. God blesses those who love children it regardless of if their bloodline or not you need to dig deep in that so before you decide to leave that man cuz believe me honey believe me there will be someone who will step into your shoes and love all them kids and that man with no problems none look before you leap I wish all the best for you though.

  16. I’ve been a child in this situation and there are a number of things. You keep calling me step anything would make me feel different as a child. The way you speak to him and him just not being your child could all be reasons there is a disconnect

  17. I am a full time step mother but I’ve learned many thing over the years so I completely understand what you are going through. When I met my husband back in 2004 the previous girl that he was with came 2 weeks after we had started dating and said she was pregnant we were not sure bc she was with other men too but turns out he was the father. The first 2 or 3 years of his sons life I was jealous that my husband had a relationship with this lil boy that I really didn’t much care for but then things happened his mother went to prison and I asked god to help me love him as if he were my own. The day his mother left him my heart began to hurt for him and I had to realize that he was not gonna have a mother and it was not his fault he didnt ask to be brought into this world. So I decided that I was going to love as if he was my own. But little did Ik it was part of God’s plan. Years later his mom got out of prison but we still had custody of him he is now going to be 13 years old this October and I can honestly say I love my son with all my heart and I raised a good boy but it was with the help of God that this lil boy was able to see the love and see that he too could trust me and that I did truly love him and I couldn’t ask a better son.

  18. Gurl, kid or step kid, I'll bust ALL their behinds. YOU ARE THE ADULT. Take control n lay the smack down!! Leaving isn't an OPTION. You don't run when the tough part starts. You might be frustrated, but that's where you RUN YOUR house, NOT kids. This is the problem with young parents today. When I was a kid, you got your azz tore up for stepping out of line. I raised step kids and I busted their azzes.. it's MY HOUSE MY RULES. I didn't care if they didn't like me. That's NOT my job. I'm NOT their friend. Pull it together so you can have a happy house:) Love ya, keep your chin up!:)

  19. leaving will ,make it worst because it shows the child that you will give up on him and honestly leaving shows your husband where you are in terms of commitment . he is a child you are the adult don't let him run you away

  20. I first want to say I understand your situation firsthand, I am a stepmom of 3 kids and its tough especially when its not amicable. I was a stepmom at 22. Just keep trying, don't give up on him, its hard when the other parent puts stuff in the childs head but understand its just that, and not the child. Try one on one time with him, he may open up and it may help him process the situation. He's still a little boy and in that transition time of boy into pre-teen years. He just misses his mom and because your husband is away a lot so its as if both of his parents are not there. Sometimes kids just feel sad and act out. Its tough all around but keep trying and be as understanding as possible.

  21. I see that when someone marries the person. You marry the drama that comes with them and I don't like drama. But I'm mature enough to ignore them and talk about the situation with 1 person to stay sane. I pray to God I meet someone who drama free like me.

  22. I know how you feel! Step parenting and being a stepmom is the hardest job and stepmoms get zero support, yet play the biggest role.
    Point blank you are not your step child’s mother. You did not birth him. If there are issues it is the bio parents fault not yours. Step children have loyalty to their bio parents not you. If you were drowning and his mother was drowning and he could only save one of you; you best believe your stepchild would save his birth mother, and that’s o.k. Focus on your children. Your husband can take on his child.
    Bio mom’s who do not care for their children yet want to make it hard for the stepmom who is there everyday can have several seats.

  23. GIRL I FEEL YA!!! There was times when I told my Husband that I was leaving. I have 4 children and he have 3. 2 of my children are grown and one of his children are grown. Two of his children came to leave with us 😶…. I was a single parent and he was married to his ex for like 20 years. You would not believe the things his children has done to me and my children. I explained some of what I have been going through since we have been married ( the boy is 14, he set my kitchen on fire, stole my money over 2,000. And other things.) And the only reason they wanted to come stay here is because they don't want they dad to do anything for my children and they like the part of getting new stuff. But with their bio mom they doooo what ever they want.


  25. This hit home SO HARD. For me its almost to the point where I resent his sin because of his disrespect and the "mom" and I too have often wanted to leave especially becaise I'm the bread winner and taking full responsibility of him as my own. So.easy for people to say we wrong for having thoughts of leaving and yada yada. This is TOUGH!!!! Prayers for you and your family girl.


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