I Owe $430,000 of Student Loans!

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The Dave Ramsey Show : I Owe $430,000 of Student Loans!




  1. Well, guys, there's a company that can tell you how to apply for loan forgiveness and im really surprised why no one tells you his,
    Want to know how to apply for Federal Student Loan forgiveness, based on your income, disability, unemployed, dependents, peace of cake. I'll fill you in with all the details.

  2. I really think you should go to school to become a PA even if means incurring a bit more debt. You say that schools won't accept any of your medical school credits, but that's not true (I work at an Ivy League medical college). You need to call a PA or nursing degree program and discuss your situation. They'll credit you for classes you have already taken, making your degree quicker and substantially cheaper. I guarantee you that they won't ask you to start from the beginning. You could also work in pharma, as a medical writer, work a medical consulting company, work in biotech, etc. If you definitely don't want to go back to school, I say look at the biotech or pharma industry. You'll easily be at a scientist II or III level making over six figures in pharma, and you have the potential to make six figures at a biotech if you have complementary business skills. One more thing: you're feeling hopeless right now and not thinking logically (I don't blame you), but you can make a lot of money with your background. Remember, flunking an MD or PhD program is more common than you think, and people with a medical sciences background – without the official title – find fantastic jobs.

  3. Jamess called the wrong person. I'm a HUGE FAN of Dave Ramsey and he's changed my life. But he needs to call Robert Kiyosaki. And read all of his books as well. Real Estate is his hope. This trying to find a job so you can trade 8 hours a days (Plus overtime) for cash to pay off this enormous of a debt is ridiculous advice. Jobs will not get you to where you need to be. As long as you're trading time for money, working for someone else you'll be broke. That's what a JOB is… Journey of the Broke. Go to seminars, learn as much as you can and start flipping.
    1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
    2. Why the "A" Student works for the "C" student (REALLY GOOD)
    3. CashFlow Quadrant, Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom
    Just obtained my real estate license, joined Keller Williams, Join the National Realtors Association, etc. Learning lots, attending my first flipping event this weekend with two other agents from another firm who is a married couple who have already flipped one house. They'll be my mentors. James if you'r reading this imagine being able to throw 20K 15K 0r 7K at your loans, chopping it down from time to time. Dave is an amazing man of God but th advice he is giving you trying to figure out the job route to pay off your debt of that amount is simply wrong. Good luck men, love you brother. This will make an amazing come back story someday, James.

  4. James!!!!! Please read this!!!!! There is a way out! Here are some options 1) Have someone start a gofundme, I will gladly donate 2) Start a YouTube Channel, vlogging ppl make a killing sharing their daily lives and get free stuff sent to them 3) Get a masters degree and become a professor. 4) Go to Dental or PA school 5) Marry a rich woman 6) Invent something, you are smart, it can be as simple as placing a flashlight inside a teddy bear 7) Buy a three family home and rent it out then sell it and put that money towards your loan and repeat and invest that money 8) Audition for a role on a tv show most of these actors have no education and make millions! 9) Pick up a trade that pays alot and use that money to buy a house and collect rental income and/or sell it 10) Read Rich, Dad Poor Dad There is hope, think outside the box! Rootibg for you amd praying for you! God Bless you! I am so sorry it did not work out for you I can imagine your pain, but know that there are people out there wishing you well and praying for you!!!!

  5. If they're federal loans, you can make it so you only have to pay 10% of your income. Then if you work as a teacher for 10 years you can apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, which in most cases wipes the remaining debt.

  6. take 1 year of classes before PA school? What would that be pal? U already got into med school so it’s not prerequisites…. 2 years for pa not 3 for you, be accurate

  7. Normally I see callers get into stupid situations. This man was trying to become a doctor. It's not that he didn't plan or pursue something that could pay alot. He just failed. I hope he can find the best solution

  8. Very sad situation but this is just another example that proves college and even medical school is no promise of a good job. It's like debt, and yes even school debt, brings with it a curse upon all who borrow money. It's really sad today but even college is a gamble. You really don't know if all that debt will help you get a good job. How sad to know this guy tried to better his life and do what's right but he too falls victim to a system which chews you up and spits you out despite the fact he wanted to be a doctor. This guy tried to be a doctor but instead will likely be paying on these student loans for the rest of his life. This is really sad but there are many many stories of thousands of students who fall victim to the debt for diploma system which makes no promise of a good job. You would think there would be a program out there which covers the student if they're unable to find a good job with their degree but no. The schools don't care if you get a good job because they already have your money. They could care less if you go bankrupt. I can honestly say that for most students college is a scam. To take your money and give no reasonable promise or assurance that that degree will produce a good job is a scam. That degree should have enough value in the market so the student can make an honest living with that degree. When you buy a new car they give you a warranty, so why not do the same with a college degree? I mean you put in all that work to earn the degree and on top of that you have to pay for it as well so shouldn't you get a warranty of some kind or at least hold the schools accountable? Absolutely!!! The schools take your money but don't back you up when it comes time to get a job, that's wrong!!!! These schools should be sued by the students and be put out of business. If you bought a new car and the dealership didn't honor the warranty you would sue them. It should be the same way for a college. You pay all this money for tuition and what do you get for it? A piece of paper which holds no real value. How sad and pathetic it is to know that most people out there in today's culture get more value and less risk from a roll of toilet paper than they do from a college degree.


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