I made this fanart of yesterday's top post. Thomas the Pain Engine

I made this fanart of yesterday’s top post. Thomas the Pain Engine

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  1. My head canon is that the black circles on the red part are the eyes. The “tank engine” part on top is camouflage or an angler’s light to draw in unsuspecting children.

  2. *Thomas was very cross with HP Lovecraft, so he decided to venture into the dream world to terrify humanity.*

    *That’s when the Fat Controller arrived.*

    *”I’m very cross with you Thomas! You’ve caused confusion and delay!”*

  3. Has anyone here read the dark towers series by Stephen King? This is reminding me of Charlie the Choo Choo/Blaine the Mono. There’s a little rhyme that goes with the train’s story, too.

    “Don’t ask me silly questions
    I won’t play silly games
    I’m just a simple choo choo train
    And I’ll always be the same.
    I only want to race along
    Beneath the bright blue sky
    And be a happy choo choo train
    Until the day I die.”


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