I don't know if this counts but here it is

I don’t know if this counts but here it is

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  1. What’s funny is a lot of people probably think it’s animal abuse for homeless to have dogs. But you can look at Bailey who is obviously well fed, has a nice little coat on, and most importantly for Bailey, gets to be with his best friend all day.

  2. Homeless people are among the most poorly treated communities. I’m glad this dog is there for him trough thick and thin, gives him strength, and that they both care for each other. So much love between them, they’re truly a perfect pair and I’m so happy for them both.

  3. And this is why I’m pushing my depressed husband to get an emotional support dog. I think it’ll do him wonders and keep him going.

    Edit: thank you everyone for your surpport. My husband is both a Veteran and Army Reserves. I’m going to try to get a service dog via that route if possible. If not an ESA. If that doesn’t work then we’ll go the shelter low cost/free days as an alternative. This is happening one way or another.

    Also I love rats and cats (along with most other pets). He is specifically a dog guy and grew up with dogs. I want him happier and comfy. He’s my main priority. When we can afford to move I plan to get myself a cat.

  4. idk how he’s gonna survive when that dog… passes on…

    I bring this up as mine just has… 5 or so minutes ago and im just comin to reddit to get my mind off shit but its all that comes to mind and seeing how close this guy is to his dog… god… i cant imagine that day for him…

  5. That was so lovely. Substance abuse and homelessness are serious issues and those that struggle need all the help and support they can get. Humans need to feel love and feel that their life is meaningful, every person, even those at the fringes of society. Feeling cared about and that your life has purpose can make the difference between getting better or staying the same/getting worse.

  6. Here I am being miserable despite being comfortable and never worrying about where I will live, and he’s out and about saying he should count his blessings… I need to be more grateful for the things I’ve got I suppose

  7. Beautiful dog. Good story. Usually I see homeless people with dogs and get irritated… This sheds a different light on it and what they both do for one another to survive is sweet.

  8. I honestly Fucking love pitties. I have found them to be incredibly calm, loving and understanding. Its a shame they are said to be dangerous. I’ve honestly met some that behaved better than most humans. Fucking super chill and smart.

  9. Here in Norway the state actually has an arrangement so drug addicts can have dogs and they (the addicts) get money support for the dog to get food etc.
    It’s been going on for YEARS, and has proven to help considerably. Just having a responsibility of a dog, and the companionship has saved many.

  10. Oh this is the best one I’ve seen on here. Definitely the most true shit. My dog gives me the same things and probably the biggest reason to better myself and move forward. I wouldn’t get up if I didn’t have to feed him and take him out. They truly are the best things we have and should treat them so.

  11. I’m 3 years older than I ought to be.

    Coincidentally my dog is 3 years old.

    “But with him, he looks to me for his food, he looks to me for love, he looks to me to play with him… it gives me a role. It might even be a tiny role, but it’s a purpose.” So true, man, so true.

  12. I’ve thought about suicide and the one thing that’s keeping me around are my dogs. It wouldn’t be fair to them. Don’t know how I’ll feel when they pass cuz they’re getting older. But for now, it’ll do.


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