Revenge Gamer : HOWTO catch people who donate too much to portal – King of Avalon



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  1. What we did in our alliance was demolish the portal and not do it for a week every time I would get mail that someone couldn't donate. It's a temporary fix. When we rebuilt portal, things would be good for a few weeks but then people would go back to their selfish ways. It is a constant struggle. People are assholes.

  2. Those donations are for alliance tech.. There is no way to track portal donations. This has nothing to do with portal donations at all. I average about 125-250k donations a day. Portal does not affect this, it's only ALLIANCE TECH donatons that appear here

  3. I reckon what they're doing is donating at a higher level than where you have the star set. You can see that by the 'honour' column. So the donation star might be set at say…lvl 5 donations, but if they pump level 10 without star..boom

  4. Donations for alliance tech has a 4hr cooldown. if you never reach 4hrs you can donate allday. also you can use gold to reset cooldown and donate more. that is why you see the quick jump in donation rankings

  5. Donating portal dust doesn't count in alliance rankings. It's very likely you can donate 20k-30k in one go, some people have gotten over 100k a day without speeding up cooldowns. Its all up to how many times you see that third button.

  6. Can you do a video on our kingdom k480.. which is infected with bot farms. The Chinese alliance which owns it bullies the entire kingdom and I fear the kingdom will be dead before kvk. Please help.

  7. I'm not convinced this is correct. Our alliance has MAXED its alliance tech so we simply can't donate anymore so our daily donation rankings are always set at zero and even after donating portal dust the numbers don't go up. So it looks fishy that people in your alliance shot up the rankings, but it's entirely possible that it was alliance tech donations.

  8. I dont 100% agree with this way of catching…. Cause you can easily just do normal donations to the allience and get over 20k in 1 minute…. So this could either go as a caught or your just calling stuff out cause you think thats why…


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