Hey guys in this video I’ll be talking about how to stop yelling at your kids as well as threatening or hitting and find peaceful parenting solutions that work. We’ll go over how to parent peacefully when triggered and at the end of your rope before you loose control. These steps to gentle parenting anger management will give you tools to be mindful and be the parent you want to be even in the most trying times. Learning how to be mindful in those moments of heightened emotion, will make all the difference when it comes to our actions and the example we set for our kiddos!

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Santa Monica Monica : How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids | Peaceful Parenting Solutions

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  1. Coming from a family of incredibly harsh adults, these videos are so helpful to me. I deal with anxiety and I’m so reactive. Most of the time my first reaction to “bad behavior” is to react the way my own mom did. I have been trying so hard to work this out and be a peaceful parent. I want to be their peace. I’m so grateful for these videos.

  2. You put this so beautifully. I will be conscious in my actions. Lord help me. I will stop and breathe. I will forgive myself. I will apologize when I’m hurtful. I will stop yelling. Please pray for me during this process.

  3. I remember in 2012 I watched a talk about how children are innocent, and they didn't ask us to become parents and bring them into our world of yelling. They want a shot at life and naturally they are created and they arrive into whatever environment we have already prepared for them! If our environment is already angry, toxic, blaming, excuse-making, quick to jump to conclusions, our sweet babies will be at our mercy. And yelling isn't a good mercy. My kids are now 11 and 13. They are at each other all the time, and I feel like I'm constantly putting out fires between them. I can drop what I'm doing and walk over to my child and hug him, rather than yelling at him. It works very well. If physical touch is one of their love languages, that SHOULD work. With my older boy, I ask him to listen to how he sounds when he's yelling. I invite him to stop, take a breath, and find a different, more gentle way to express himself. His vocabulary is extensive so talking does work for him. Great video! "You're strengthening your relationship with your child." And "Explain that you're learning, too." Very good wisdom!

  4. I'm trying peaceful living as well, it's for sure not just the parenting because when I go out in the world, the triggers are even more heightened lol So, I'm really trying to remember to control my reactions. Great Video Monica, you always deliver!

  5. We certainly are responsible for our emotions and actions.
    I enjoy in your videos that you share resources also. This is great.

    I too am much more reactive when running behind a bit.
    I have moments I could certainly work on myself.
    Rewriting that story is certainly important.

    Thank you for another great video with such great advice.

  6. Its funny you have posted this video, I had a really big learning experience with gentle parent this past weekend, which i learnt so much from. my little one has been playing up so much which has lead me to be less mindful of my behaviour! Keeping yourself aware of what your goals and morals are keeps your on track! Journaling can help get the negative thoughts out or reading affirmations and help change negative thoughts!

  7. I loved what you said Monica about spacing the trigger from our response. I Think this is huge when it comes to be able to access our logical-executive functioning part of the brain. In that “in between time “ we can use cool down strategies, such as, taking deep breaths or positive self talk that would help us get faster to that calm demeanor our children need


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