Sewing is a MUST in a homeschooling routine! The skills children gain are so important (math, reading, business management, PATIENCE), and this teaches self reliance. I would love to start an after school program where my students learn to sew! What ever happened to home-ec?

Pattern I used to sew:


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  1. The girls looks so pretty !! Can you maybe start a beginners sewing segments for us that want to learn but have no clue ? I have a machine and can only sew a straight line so far 🤷🏾‍♀️ Help 😉😌

  2. Your girls are so pretty in their Princess Dresses! You did an amazing job on those dresses, Akeeba! Nice colors and fabric choice. I think somebody will be making prom dresses in a few more years, lol. An after school program to teach your students how to sew is a great idea!

  3. Sewing is a life skill you can never loose some people are so patientate about it that enter competitions are your sister's girls interested in learning how to sew? Or so they have to much going on? It's a good skill to have and you never have to worry about buying cloths.

  4. Akeeba,i would love to learn to sew,it seems so easy for u,girl u have a gift,i tried to keep up with u,but it was a shame🙂can u make a blog for us who really wants to learn to sew,i would give as much time to u as u say,sewing is something i always wanted to learn,the girls dressies was beautiful and her little hand bag omg,looks like u can buy it at a store,they looked like little queens.i love your family,and u save on things,and make their clothes and yours,i think its wonderful,and the plus is everything looks great,i would buy anything u make girl u could open up your own shop and it would move fast.teaching a sewing class,it took u 30 wpuld take me 2days and stress🤗😇

  5. Beautiful dresses for beautiful girls! I would like to try to sew dresses for my granddaughters, next year. Thank for the great video and dress idea. Happy Easter!


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