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The best way on how to get high ground in Fortnite Battle Royale while maintaining a constant sprint momentum tutorial. Each variation has its own benefits and adding more material will get you more protection when getting shot at. Test out each variation and see which one you can execute the best.


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Beaks : How to perfect the 90 Degree Turn (Fastest High Ground Strategy) – Fortnite Battle Royale


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  1. New 90s vid:

    So the term "Harry Pottering yourself" is when you get stuck under your ramp from a bad placement. Harry Potter lived under a staircase so its a fitting name lol. Everyone complaining "how this isn't a tutorial", the video title is "how to "perfect" the 90 degree turn", I can't hand hold you through the entire process. If some parts of the video were too fast to understand you can always slow it down. As I stated in the video, the best way to perfect it is to learn how to do one at a time, then two, then three, then four.

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  2. I have been watching this video and wondering the whole time what "Don't Harry Potter yourself" means and then I see you set a ramp and boom, of course don't Harry Potter yourself by building a ramp over your head lol clever.

  3. This is pissing me off how do you stay on the ramp i just fly off the ramp pushed me off, the one you say its almost impossible to harry potter yourself i always do you dont go into enough detail please i actually need help


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