Paying for college can be a really tough decision when deciding schools. By doing some research, you can find hundreds of scholarship opportunities, appeal to your financial aid office, and get a job. I hope this helps alleviate some stress but will make an update video if needed!

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If you’re new to the channel: Hey! My name’s Nic Chae and I’m an 18-year old photographer, filmmaker, YouTuber, and student at Princeton University. I make daily vlogs, college videos, photography techniques, gear reviews, and fashion videos! If you have any questions or want me to cover anything feel free to leave in the comments down below. Thanks for watching!

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Nicolas Chae : How To Pay For College | Graduating with No Student Loans




  1. School tutions in the usa are crazy. The average tutition in Holland is max 2000 dollars a year. Transportation is even funded by the government.

  2. i really appreciate you making this video. it's a great message that i personally feel will help many other soon to be/currently uni students. i remember receiving my Stanford acceptance a few years ago and how excited I was but realized my family'sfinancial situation. I remember how my parents were already struggling to put a down payment on a 550K house. we couldn't take an equity loan because we never owned a house so in the end there wasn't much we could do. tbh i did anything in my favor to pool in any money i could make from working over the summer yet by mid-August I really only reached a little under 5K. My dad's close friend who lived nearby managed to pool in a little above 40K and I promised i'd pay him back within a decade's time and thankfully I was able to set foot upon campus that following September. I graduated almost 2 years ago and just finished paying my dad's friend back a little while ago and looking back, it's such a blessing I managed through the family financial situation yet I was always conscious of my expenses for years after. i really wish i had the access to such useful resources like your channel(:
    i wish you the best nicolas


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