How To Negotiate a Student Loan Interest Rate
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The Dave Ramsey Show : How To Negotiate a Student Loan Interest Rate




  1. only way to lower your interest rate with navient, which i have, is by having them automatically withdraw money from your bank account to pay off the loans. now, if you dont earn much i wouldnt suggest it. but thats the only negotiation you would get.

  2. $12,000 student loan? Talk about over panicking to conclusions. Jesus christ woman, people have $100k student loans. call him when you actually have a real problem. This lady is probably also going to divorce her husband for finding out he's been having coffee with a co worker in the break room.

  3. These titles are misleading. I get that it's titled after the question, how can I negotiate my interest rate, but I clicked thinking Dave was gonna give negotiation advice, instead I heard the same thing he tells everyone. Make more money. That's part of the reason why I unsubscribed, I have become very bored with these videos, they are all exactly the same.

  4. You live in one the most expensive cities in the country. That's part of the problem. If you're in school, you can't just up and move so easily, but I might suggest paying the minimum until you're able to get out of that city. You can always go back after you become more financially secure.

  5. Please only accept subsidized loans (accumulates interest AFTER graduation). Try to avoid unsubsidized loans (accumulates interest Everyday and After graduation). Deduct interest from taxes. Please avoid paying out-of-state tuition, private student loans, and for-profit colleges like Everest & Anthem. Community college classes Will transfer to 4-year institutions. To get more aid, prove struggles of parents (or yourself) to financial aid office: Foreclosure, repossession, bankruptcy, debt settlements, separation, divorces, death, new child, hospitalization, unemployment, reduction in income, food stamps, failure to pay taxes, wage garnishment, incarcerations, terminal illness or condition, etc. Choose credit unions. Banks are for-profit. Do not drop out of college = Less likely to repay debts. Do not waste your grants.

    Try to apply for jobs with colleges near your area, where you are currently attending, or where you would like to attend. Go onto the online human resources page of colleges (like FAMU, FSU, Valencia, others). If you get hired then you may get free/reduced tuition (employee benefits package).

  6. WIth a 12k loan and the interest being $1.77 a day ($646.05 a year) their interest rate would be about 5.5%. That's a pretty normal interest rate for a student loan. They have a private one which is often over 10%, so I don't know what the big deal here is. Clearly, the loan has gained a lot of interest because they haven't been paying on it.


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