We’ve already talked about how to avoid paying ANY interest when using credit cards. This time we take it to another level: How to actually MAKE money with credit cards. Let the Credit Card Companies PAY YOU!

This is the tactic some people call “churning”: purposely opening credit cards with the intent of getting sign-up Bonuses, in either cash back or airfare points. And it really adds up! I earned over $7,000 worth of rewards in just three years, and this video will show you how.

Chaos Theory Consulting : How to MAKE money with Credit Cards – Introduction to Churning


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  1. FinanceHacks really helped my husband and I repair our bad credit so that we could build and qualify for our first home together. They were great to work with and we would recommend them to anyone. Being that I am a realtor, I refer my clients to FINANCEHACKERS01 @GMAIL COM on a regular basis and they always thank me later.

  2. Something that's not considered or explained is how you can add authorized users (family you trust 100%) to spend your credit cards pay you back monthly and then you get 3-5% cash back plus the bonuses becuse of the extra thousands per month they're spending with your card. Let's say you just open 1 card every other month and that's $200 on average extra plus the 3% cash back on say 1000 per month for 4 authorized users you have which comes out to 4,000 per month and three percent of that is $160 which is $360 per every two months which is a grand total of $1,980 per year extra. from other people paying just having access to your credit cards. That should be enough to cover your expenses for one vehicle (gas, oil, maintenance, insurance, cleaning, etc). That's if you spend about $25 a week on gas, one oil change every 4 months, and car insurance of around $50 per month and 3 car washes paid for a year.


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