How to distinguish the creator of the pyramid scheme from its investors

How to distinguish the creator of the pyramid scheme from its investors

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  1. I remember when I was 12, my older brother (who was 23 at the time) got involved in a pyramid scheme. He was certain he’d make tons of money, and I kept telling him it made no sense. And the more he explained it to me, the less sense it made. At the time I thought maybe I’m just a dumb kid who doesn’t understand how business works and stopped arguing.

    The rest of the story went as you’d expect.

  2. It’s not a “pyramid scheme”, those are illegal. It’s called “multi-level marketing” now. Multiple levels that get progressively smaller, more profitable and more dependent on those below you. But don’t call it a pyramid…

  3. I went to a Quickstar meeting back in my college days with a fellow classmate. I knew it was a scam going into it. Everyone should attend one of these things once in their lifetime. The entire time they kept reffering to the business. So much music.

  4. Hey, I’m in a pyramid scheme. My mother called me one day with this hour long run on sentence about this new business she owns. Apparently for just $500 I could piss off all my friends and embarrass myself in front of my family. I told her no. I don’t have $500 to risk and I am very uncomfortable asking people to spend their money or otherwise go out of their way. She harassed me for months about it. Then one day I get an email saying she paid the money for me and signed me up. Gave me all these details and log ins. So I figured I’d take a look and see how a person is supposed to go about selling home services. All the training material was about all the money I was gonna make with no explanation of what I was supposed to actually do. I have faked my way through a lot of jobs, but that is fucking stupid. So I let it sit while my mother guilts me about wasting the money. But then the fucked up part is that she keeps my account active so she can retain a promotion level. She spends all this money flying to vegas and shit for these conferences that seem ta just be a bunch of strobe lights and speakers hyping up the crowd about all the money they’re gonna make. I honestly wonder if she realize she’s paying them to work for them…

  5. Can someone add text to this GIF? Label the water fountain “Social Security” and label all the kids with different generations. Baby Boomers make it through and it collapses on the rest of them

  6. 1 makes it out completely unscathed if not better off than before, 2 make it out a little worse for the wear but they’ll be fine, 1 doesn’t make it out and are now trapped. Seems about right.

  7. A: The way glasses inconveniently shoves blue to slow him down.
    B: The way red, slowly tries playing the limbo trying to avoid the inevitable and gets soaked.
    C: light blue knew his fate against the hydro-lasers and took it like a champ running into the flow of water being shot at it without shame.
    D: Black and red knew he was fucked and know he was thinking “fuk, fuk, fuk,fuk,fAAAAAKK”

    but in polite Japanese terms.


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