how to celebrate the tiny moments by practicing mindfulness parenting! I’m partnering with Aveeno today to help encourage us to celebrate the tiny moments! Our kids grow up so fast and learning to practice mindfulness parenting and celebrate the tiny moments is so important! Let us know how you celebrate Tiny Moments in your life through mindfulness parenting in the comments below and you could win 1 of every Aveeno product shown in today’s video alongside a $25 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card!

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Elle Lindquist : How to celebrate the TINY MOMENTS | mindfulness parenting!

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  1. So so very true … As both my girls birthdays have passed these last few months (and Toddlerhood is Dominating every day) I am quickly reminded of how fast time is flying, and have wondered with every "will you Mommy" moment if it'll be the last. Love Aveeno! And kudos to you for putting together a special video just for them.

  2. Hey Elle, do you select the ads that play before your video? I've been following your channel for a while and value your judgement. My friend is struggling with infertility, and I want to be there to support her. Sharing your experience has provided me with so much clarity and compassion, so thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. The ad that plays before several of your videos is for CCRM. So I have two primary questions. 1. Is it too intrusive to share resources that I find (or direct her toward videos like yours) for such a personal matter, or should I keep my mouth shut and ears open, while letting her navigate the process on her own time? 2. Do you recommend CCRM as a resource, or is the ad a coincidence?

  3. First off- “you are my sunshine” had me totally in tears! I really needed this reminder this week. The hubby has been away and my baby was sick and cutting a tooth! My son loves to snuggle up after bath time with some books and read with me. I love how he holds my hand as I we turn the pages. Also this week he has been practicing kissing me with his mouth closed rather than open! Lots of little things to celebrate ❤️. Thanks Elle!

  4. I love spending time watching my kids play outdoors, being there for them for sports activities, & being the neighborhood hang out spot in the summer with our pool and lots of popsicles!

  5. my boys are grown up now at 21,25 and 28 but when they were small I had a 10 yr diary where I would randomly write 2 or 3 sentences about stuff I did with my kids, things they said, questions they asked etc. I didn't write daily, so the 10 years stretched into many more but I love looking back now and seeing the fun things that happened.I didn't always write about the good stuff…sometimes I just wrote things like "I'm so, so, so tired…does this ever end?". Also funny things like my 4 year old's question, after lugging home groceries and putting them in the fridge…"when we die and go to heaven, does God do our shopping?" Well, those days are long gone now, and the years sure are short. I miss them but love looking back on them via my diary.

  6. What a great video. Right now I'm enjoying the last days of my daughters pregnancy (she is 2 days over due). We have been hanging out in her bed watching movies and working on needle craft projects. I know soon her life is going to change and she will have her own little one to love and nurture. It's a year of change for our family. I'm losing my little girl as she becomes a mom. It seemed like yesterday she was a newborn in my arms (I have the picture magnet on my fridge to prove it lol).

  7. Beautiful video and you are right to feel proud it’s gorgeous. I love the message, I love how it’s filmed and I love how the relationship you have with Cohen shines through. Well done 💞

  8. My tiny moments are after I feed the youngest (7mths) supper and take her up for a bath and put her lotion on its time for a cuddle while she has her bottle before going down to sleep. I love the smell of the aveeno lavender and it helps make bed time smooth. Nothing like a smile and cuddle time. ❤ And yes the years do go so fast. My older two are 22 and 18. Where did the time go?

  9. Not a mom (I'm only 21) but I love taking a moment to chat with my mom while i'm cooking dinner. As a university student, I'm usually only home at Christmas and during the summer, so I really appreciate being able to make meals together and have that bonding time.

  10. Hi Elle!!
    I love this video!!
    I can't believe Cohen is 2 years old!!
    Its SO true that when we have kids, the days are long, but the years are short!! I look back on my daughter's years, and it seems like just yesterday she was born!! ❤
    Beautiful song!! 😄

  11. You were right, I would cry… LOL!!!
    #TinyMoments with my son are when we are in the car, it's the only real time that he opens up and talks. Driving at night is my favorite as he points out the constellations and i have to keep saying "No, I can't see it, I am driving" so he says its all again when we are parked before coming inside!

  12. Yep, you were totally right about the crying, Elle! 😊 this Mother’s Day, I went to visit my grown daughter… she lives several hours away from us now. She has lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. She had worked a long shift that day, she is in the hospitality industry, and of course Mother’s Day is huge for them. She wasn’t feeling very well after having worked all day… so we cuddled in her bed together watching Netflix and I slept cuddled up to my baby… it was one of the best Mother’s Days I have had… those tiny moments we shared… just cuddling and talking late into the night together.. it was really special to me 😊

  13. As a working-out-of-the-house mom, the moments are briefly off my daughter 4 days a week. I love when she's calm enough for a snuggle and book before bed. I then like to sing The Hockey Song to her as I lay her down, it's been part of the bedtime routine since the beginning!

  14. My husband and I take a moment before putting our daughter down to bed and share a 'kissing circle'. I kiss her, she kisses him, he kisses her, she kisses me, then she puts her tiny hands on our heads and guides us to kiss her cheeks at the same time. This makes her just explode with smiles and giggles. It's by far my favourite part of our nighttime routine.

  15. Elle you weren’t lying when you said it would make us cry. As soon as you started singing, the tears rolled down. Feels like I just had my little guy and he is already turning 9 months. We love Aveeno products.

  16. Love you Elle! Watch you every day on instagram! You inspire me as a mom your amazing! I like to spend those special time with my boys on a long walk on our tails at our country home. They have so many questions on the walk about different things or the quite time gives them a moment to share their day or thoughts and feelings. I take those moments in. ❤️ Your so right.

  17. Hearing you sing nearly brought me to tears! My daughter is 14.5 months and i feel like i have JUST begun to enjoy her more. Less baby, more like a little kid. I was so glad that someone also told me while i was pregnant, 'the days are long but the years are short..'. I now know how true that is!
    Right now, I am enjoying watching her grow and develop and use what she has learned and connected in her head. It's amazing how quickly they pick things up. I love watching her devour the food i make, we go to the park, meet friends at playdates,…..i love seeing her interact with different people….and animals!

  18. Love love love this video Elle! You made this mama teary! Today is a non work/school day for me so I'm home with my little miss K. I hold dear the memories we make playing, laughing and learning together. I use nap time for myself to rest, relax and have a quiet moment myself with a tea.

  19. When you mentioned this in your instagram story yesterday, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out beautifully, Elle! And what a beautiful voice you have! I'm a new mama and my baby girl is almost 5-months-old. I've been trying to be very intentional with my time by making sure that my phone is down, the tv is off, etc and just enjoying her presence. I think focusing on myself, however, is a little harder. I'm going to try to get my nails done once a month though as a little treat.


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