How to break up with your girlfriend

How to break up with your girlfriend

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  1. As someone who is terrified of heights, it amazes me he can just run and jump across that thing. I’d be the girl – paralysed with fear. Not that I’d be up there in the first place.

  2. My Ex did something similar.

    we were at the CN Tower in Toronto, and I am terrified of heights.

    It has a glass floor.

    He wheeled my toddler and his stroller out to the middle of the glass floor and left him there and said “go get your baby”.

    After a few minutes of me begging him to bring him back and not being able to go out myself, a nice little old lady smacked him with her purse and called him a monster…and brought the stroller back to me.

  3. Serious question: This seems to be an Asian thing. How come I don’t see cool things like this in the US? I have seen big swings that swing over canyons but that’s about it.


    Edit: So it looks like it comes down to insurance costs, regulations and the fact that there are similar places but just not so extreme. Thanks!

  4. I’ve been in these things before and let me tell you, these things are heart stoppingly scary. Some people honestly don’t get bothered by this type of thing but most of the people who comment on this video saying it doesn’t look scary probably believe that to be true, until they are actually strapped up and on the edge of this thing then it’s a different story. You see, your logical brain know you are attached to a safety harness and even if you fall you will be caught and be fine. But theres no way to trick your the rest of your brain or instincts into understanding that so your body is reacting exactly how it would without the harness. The knowledge of the harness does nothing to soothe the vast amounts of adrenaline pumping through your body, and your legs get shaky and you start getting sick to your stomach and your fear shuts your thinking mind off and you geniunely think you will die with one wrong misstep. These things are no joke, they are truly heart stoppingly scary to be on let alone cross unless you are one of those people who for some reason react differently than most do. Like the guy in this video. It’s One or the other reactions in this clip, there is no inbetween.


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