Parenting toddlers takes a lot of going back and forth. How do you become a better parent for your toddlers? My wife, Vicki, is here to help us nail it.

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Live On Purpose TV : How To Be A Better Parent To A Toddler

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  1. thanks for reminding me of the "play part". lately the tantrums with my son are getting quite frequent and heavy and i'm very exhausted by being yelled at on a daily basis.
    but going outside and hearing him squeak in joy if he finds a bug somewhere is such a rewarding feeling. you know because they may be getting angry about mundane things but they are also so very easily fascinated by things we don't see anymore.

  2. Thanks for this video and other videos that helps us parents on this journey as parents . I have a question : Do this also applies to families with triplets or quadruplets or just twins ?

  3. My oldest proposed to his best friend in daycare, now he's 6 and on his third bf proposal. He wants to be a scientist and chef. He reads better than any kid his age. When people say kids grow up fast they're not joking! My four year old lost that fat around his wrist, the one that looks like he has an elastic around a sausage roll. It's so sad some days, too see them grow faster than I ever imagined and at the same time I'm so proud of them and happy to see each stage of their lives. These videos have made me appreciate them even more. Thank you! 🤗

  4. Thank you for telling us to embrace toddlers getting messy. My kids and their friends know that we allow messiness in our house. They have the freedom to explore and we don't worry about the little messes. Sometimes other parents look at ne like I'm crazy for that lol

  5. Thank you for your video, it was really needed. Do you have any videos about dealing with a toddler and a special needs older sibling? I have a 20 month old and an almost 4 year old. My oldest has ADHD, ODD and a lot of Autistic tendencies. He constantly targets his little brother when he is angry, interrupts play with aggressive behaviour and it can take both my husband and I to manage him when he acts out or has a tantrum. My 20 month old often has to entertain himself during these times and and his fun time with mommy or daddy gets interrupted at lot. I always talk to him as best I can after my older one settles about what happened, I just really feel bad for him. We are still on the waiting process for help for my oldest so we do the best we can. I have a counselling background but it's still really hard. Any vide recommendations or sites for information would so appreciated. Thank you for being on my team:))

  6. Thank you and your wife for these videos. 5 children and none of them act like we raised them.LOL but now my ten year old acts like Evil kinevel … Scares the daylights out of me! Bike tricks and parquor and the neighbor has this giant trampoline… Now he wants a skateboard!!! The new puppy got ill so the book money went to the vet instead. So I will, God willing, order them in a week or two! The Grandbaby is two and they live back with us…Our blessings are just over flowing.LOL 10 year old,( Our baby), just loves the"New" baby… when he isn't being jealous of sharing the attention with him. The only one nearly as jealous is Pawpaw. Who never gets any sleep or rest nowdays because he is their fav. toy! 2am 2 year old wakes up beats on our bedroom door, Screaming"Pawpaw let me in!" at ear splitting level which in turn wakes up Pawpaw's new puppy! LOL Thank you again! God bless

  7. From one mother to another Vicki you are beautiful, your inner beauty just radiates… Thank you both sharing this information with us. As a struggling mother of two little ones (2 and 3) this really came at a time I needed most.


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