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Paul Tran Pharmacist : How I Paid Off My Student Loans in Less Than 2 Years




  1. Are you not earning enough to pay student loans? Become a truck driver and earn $1000+ per week. Did you know Owner Operators earn $150,000+/ year. Yes! You don't need a degree to obtain your CDL's. You will get paid to travel, full benefits, and you'll get paid every week. You're welcome! 😘

  2. Paul, I love your videos! Thanks for the advice. My question is, what type of full time jobs would you suggest? I'm guessing you cannot work at two competing retail pharmacies (Walgreens and Walmart)?

  3. I'm in the health care field as well, Recent graduate here. I'm trying to decide on whether I want to pursue public loan forgiveness, or just pay them off aggressively like you did. I'm torn because with public loan forgiveness I'm bound to public sectors for 10 years, I may just work a lot of overtime and pay them off aggressively like you did.

  4. You were smart to get rid of your debt as quickly as possible. I returned to school after several years to obtain my doctorate. I had a choice to take out loans or pay out of pocket. Since I was working full time I chose to pay on my own. I took one class each term and charged the tuition on a credit card specifically for that purpose. I then made monthly payments to the school and the card. Two months before I completed the program I made my last credit card payment. When I graduated I did not owe any money on the card or to the school. If I had taken a student loan I would still be paying which was something I did not want to do.

  5. Dude, you are a BOSS! When you pay off debt early in life, it changes everything. You are also aware of buying in a down market. Cash reserves will also assist you in getting bargains – HUD etc. Also, since you don't follow the crowds, look into using a HELOC instead of a mortgage to pay home loan in 5-7 years vs 30. Its actually quite easy, just takes discipline and does NOT take 2-3 jobs.

    You will find that, with no debt, a $90K-110K job will feel like you are making $300K annual. And once you get $100K, $300K, $400K in the bank, everything changes as you are buying everything with cash when its on sale.

    I respect your hustle. Paying off loans over 20 years is slavery.

    You are awesome as you listened to yourself and not the lies.

  6. idk how I ended up in this video, but I highly suggest, and it may not be for everyone, but I joined the navy and they paid for my school while active, and I also got the GI Bill which gives me housing allowance. Its an amazing deal, and you get veteran status on the job hunt. The military isn't as hard as most believe, as the military is moving towards a more corporate type of "business".

  7. I'm entering year two of three in Pre-Pharmacy and I'm already trying to figure out how to get rid of my unsubsidized loans. I've been working the whole time thus far but I think on my school breaks from here on out, I'm going to do a lot of side hustling on top of my normal job.

  8. 2:08 is where too many students hurt themselves by trying to live the good life without taking care of the business of their student loans. I saw another channel where they tried to make student loan debt into a massive women's problem. Their own problems are with getting into degrees that don't prepare them for life after college. You showed a tremendously high level of discipline in concentrating on getting the 800-pound gorilla of student debt off your back; now you have another 45 years to make sound life decisions; don't bring in anyone who has too many financial skeletons in the closet and are looking for some white knight to clean up their mess. You have the chance to soar with the eagles; don't let some turkey crash you back down to earth.

  9. Another thing to consider is living at home. I have friends from undergrad who got 6 figure jobs right out of school but living at home was a financially responsible decision to help pay off loans and save up for a house.

  10. Hi paul, i just graduated from pharmacy school and worry about my loans. thank you for posting this video. one question though, did you consolidate your loans? and what is the benefit of doing so or not

  11. Some people have private loans and FAFSA. Do you think it's possible to reconsolidate your loans under one branch, lender, bank etc. to get a flat out interest rate upon graduation? Is that even possible?


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