We are finally night weaned our toddler and I’ve found what works! I partially used the Dr Jay Gordon method and it worked in about six nights. I waited until she was a toddler at almost 2 years old and I do think that helped the process go a bit smoother. If I had tried to wean her as a baby it probably would have been a bit more difficult, but now that we no longer breastfeed at night our nights are much smoother! Hope you liked this little behind the scenes of what’s been working and I’ll continue to update you guys along the way in my Mom vlogs! xx

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Hayley Paige : HOW I NIGHT WEANED MY COSLEEPING TODDLER | Dr Jay Gordon | Hayley Paige

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  1. Once my baby stopped nursing at night he started waking up 430-5 everyday!!! For like 2 months. I think he was just hungry. So i started feeding him a snack such a string cheese or yogurt or something right before bed and then he kinda grew out of that phase. It was sooooo rough

  2. I love watching you guys. Especially you and Doug in the car and your daily thoughts. BTW Chick fa la meh! I Annabelle is getting so big and so cute. We still co sleep with our 18 month old and yes it is hard cause you never know how it will be at night but they are their best time clock so I hope the night continues to go well for you. Will you guys be moving back to the land of plastics aka California?

  3. Can I just say, you are an absolute Saint for pulling yourself together every day and parenting Annabelle, along with doing household stuff and nursing while pregnant. I just started my second trimester with my first baby and I can barely get out of bed 😂

    I'm already getting unsolicited advice and the baby isnt even here yet! Not from my mother in law, she's absolutely amazing and if she gives me advice that I don't necessarily agree with we have a conversation about why I don't agree and it gives her new perspective and she does the same with me. It's really nice. But fiance's grandma is the worst. I've stopped socializing with her outside of large groups of people 😂

  4. HAYLEY! I saw that beautiful red bottle and as a Mexican I already knew it was Valentina😍 It really is the best sauce in the world! It's my staple and I love to eat it with chips and infuse it in my beer (modelo, miller, budlight) to make a sort of michelada! So glad you found it and love it!😍🎉

  5. Is not easy and for first time mom is even harder we all been thru something what work for me was a routine my boy know at 7:45 when I say fish in the water is time to take a bath read a book pj and directly to sleep but I always follow the same process mine would not sleep at night at all til I found on amazon the video the sleep easy solution it work like a charm the first night after 20 min was sleeping and the. Second day by 10 min on the 3 day no crying at right to sleep … sorry for the long commment you are doing good you will see that it will work. I’m trying to get rid of the milk bottle but that one is been a challenge and I haven’t really put my mind to it …..love your vlogs

  6. It looks like pregnancy, Motherhood and sleep deprivation (lol) are bringing out the BEST in you Hailey! I love how down to earth you get when you're loopy lol 🥇💜


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