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How does your credit card company determine if a transaction is fraudulent?

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Techquickie : How Does Credit Card Fraud Protection Work?



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  1. unrelated:

    Try this. send a photo from your iphone to an android and time how long it takes to get to the endroid. dont fall asleep! for me, it took a day. Video is the wwrong file type, so dont try that… you wont be able to play it on android.

  2. please look at this large volume sellers on ebay have had there accounts hacked and the scammers are scraping small amounts of profit from the accounts to go un noticed
    this could be happening to any large volume seller without them knowing

  3. Wouldn’t something like two factor authentication put a huge dent in fraud worldwide? Why not implement it? I’m guessing because the costs of upgrading infrastructure would outweigh the costs of fraud…so there’s no incentive.

  4. So chip and pin really isnt that safe. Check out a talk on Chip & Pin security problems from Blackhat Con on Youtube, it's titled "How Smartcard Payment Systems Fail" if you're interested in how bad it can get. They were initially safer but as the fraudsters worked out how to exploit them they were stealing at a high rate again.

    TechQuickie also done a video on the ATM Skim attack, but there's plenty of ways they can get them from a point of sale, online or offline. Brick and Mortar stores need to have good security to protect your details, what are the chances of that? Schlotzsky's Deli in Idaho had a Russian hacker install malicious software on their computers which skimmed cards digitally.


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