How do you get a home with no credit? Manual underwriting makes it possible. Learn more about getting a mortgage with a zero credit score and get the right loan for you:


Lewis from Idaho calls into The Dave Ramsey Show to ask, “Can I get a mortgage with no credit score?”

You can most certainly can get a mortgage with no credit score through a process called manual underwriting.

What is manual underwriting? It’s simply a way of evaluating your ability to pay back a loan without a credit score. You’re assigned a specific person who looks at your case, and you’ll be required to provide additional paperwork for them to review.

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What’s the underwriting process? You will be required to:
– Put a down payment of at least 20% on your home
– Select a 15-year, fixed-rate mortgage
– Provide proof of income and employment
– Have a good record of paying previous bills on time

How long does mortgage underwriting take? While the underwriting process does not add any extra charges, your loan process may take a little longer. However, buying a home without the strain of extra debt is worth it!


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The Dave Ramsey Show : How Do I Get A Mortgage with a Zero Credit Score?




  1. Manual underwriting works great if you can prove you have some cash, steady income, and assets would help. It comes down to who you go to for the loan. Convential banks might give you a hard time. But this is America, there are lots of places to go for a loan!

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  3. I have said this before on Dave's videos and I will say it again: a zero credit score borrower against an 720+ borrower WILL have a higher interest rate. How do I know this? As a Dave fan, we went with Churchill Mortgage last year for our loan in CO. Overall, aside from some minor negatives, the experience was good – but what it taught me was that the ONLY way to secure the best RATE is to have a high credit score. You may qualify for the mortgage via manual underwriting, but you will not qualify for the best prime rate. I had to learn this hard way and wish I knew this ahead of time. Also please note that Churchill sells off nearly ALL of their loans to Wells Fargo after closing.

  4. Recently bought a house, I had perfect credit score, wife had no credit history. The process she had to go through with the manual underwritimg was a nightmare, she had no income, no previous Bill's to base her credibility off of and no tax history.. Get a card and pay it off, it's not that hard to be a responsible person…. Disagree if you want

  5. It's no longer the 70s Grandpa Dave. It's not difficult to maintain an above average to excellent credit score while working towards becoming debt-free. Simply pay your balance off each month

  6. I got a FHA $242k mortgage with no credit score and 3.25% interest rate in 2013. The local mortgage company I used and actually said it was easier to write my loan. My mortgage was bought my Wells Fargo the next month.


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