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Ask Sebby : How Do Charge Cards Affect Your Credit Score?


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  1. Hey guys! I’m not sure if this question has been answered but with anyone who has a Amex gold card or Amex card in general, does it help to improve your credit score?

    I am someone who’s using an Amex card as a 2nd card and has a good credit history but want to increase my credit score

  2. 676 Transunion score 20k income 6 months of credit history my only other card is a capital one secured increased to $500 credit limit I also had 5 inquiries before hand

  3. So if I'm relatively new to the credit game (about 7 months) and I have the Cap one Quicksilver AMD the Discover it, does getting the AMEX everyday card make sense just to establish a credit history with them? I do plan on getting the Plat eventually

  4. So what could one do to improve credit score short term if I only have charge card? Does the strat mentioned in your short term vid (prepay balance down to $1 still works with charge card, even though there’s no max? Many thanks!

  5. Can you downgrade from an Amex platinum or Amex Gold Card to an Everyday card using the methods that you taught? ( basically waiting until after the annual fee hits, then requesting the downgrade with a refund)

  6. Great video as always but I am going to take exception with you a little bit with your comment that the Green Card doesn't make sense for most people. I look at it as a card I got 5000 points for $1. This particularly makes sense if you are an existing AMEX customer. Get the Green Card, no hard pull if you already have an AMEX card. No AF first year. But something for a $1 and get your free points. If you are worried about it affecting your AAoA get the business version. After one year when they charge you the AF close it. I'll take 5000 AMEX MR points for a dollar anytime I can. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. Never leave money on the table.

  7. I swear people get the green card because it's appearance is basically a slice of Capitalism Americana, that design has so much history. The 25,000 MR sign up bonus is just OK considering the long term benefits. But man does it look cool, opened mine for the bonus with AMEX and am hanging on to it simply because I think it looks cool in my wallet. A good sidekick to my other revolvers.

  8. Funny how I came across this video posted today!
    I actually called Amex about the Platinum. The rep didn’t seem to know any answers to the questions with credit card vs charge card.
    What if I charge on my way to Europe staying there for month? Can I pay when I get back? Or is it imperative that Amex expects a payment in full? I have the Chase Sapphire and like that it is a credit card. Just trying to see the value in the Platinum. The $550 a year is quite a bit – yikes!

  9. Lets say I have 4 cards. My highest in credit limit and the longest in credit history was canceled. 30 years of credit history and 10000 dollars credit limit. How big of a loss is that on the fico score?

  10. Might be a stupid question but if i set auto pay to full amount for a charge card ( the lowest is 15 days after statement close) do i still have to pay again to make the balance 0 until the statement closes again?

  11. Hello Sebastian, I have a targeted offer for the Amex PRG card. 50000 MR points for 1000 dollars of spend during the 1st 3 months. I already have the chase cards, CSR, and the SPG card. I spend most of my time overseas so I don't think the US specific bonus categories would do me any good. Shouldept this offer?

  12. I've used AMEX Business Platinum for years. Works great and pay off every year. As far as limits go just depends on your spending habits. If you constantly spend high it helps you keep a large cap. And you can always call AMEX for approval if you have a large purchase for travel and such. Are there any other charge cards from companies other than AMEX?

  13. Are Amex charge cards disappearing? Here in the UK Amex has just changed the gold card from a charge card to a credit card, the only charge cards are the green and platinum or centurion

  14. I was approved with my first AMEX card PRG and Delta Platinum with FICO 654 last month. I was also approved with the CSR 3 months prior with a score of FICO 635. My score was borderline low, but the rest of my credit profile is pretty good. All cards are paid off every month.

  15. Why are charge cards so rare nowadays? I think with young people so afraid to take on credit card debt these days, because they saw their parents generation drown in CC debt, a charge card marketed to young people could be a big hit (I know Amex already tried but I think it’s worth trying again).

  16. I have an Amex Platinum and I love it! I accepted a 10,000 point offer to have pay over time as an option but still pay my bill off each month because their interest rate is no joke! 🙁


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