Washington Post : How attorney-client privilege actually works



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  1. The attorney – client privilege between Mr Cohen and Elliot Broidy, will protect Mr Broidy from being charged. Well maybe not for bribing officials in New York or New Mexico, or recieving $200 Million from UAE for "security" or offering to "lobby" the justice department for $75 Million on behalf of Singapore's corrupt leader, or offering another "security" contract to the disgraced Romanian leader, no the attorney client privilege between Mr Cohen and Mr Broidy probably only covers the $1.6 million paid to the playboy playmate for her abortion. My question is will this giant mess affect innocents like Mr Hannity and Mr Trump. They are, after all presumed innocent untill proven guilty.

  2. or maybe you lady misunderstand the scope of attorney client privilege. The FBI raiding the presidents attorney's office is an abuse of power. I hope Trump axe's every one of those FBI agents. The FBI is in effect an ARM of the Democratic National Committee; the Steele dossier, Comey and McCabe prove it. "A house divided cannot stand," Christ said. The FBI is at odds with executive branch, the house it at odds with the senate, and Congress is at odds with the PResident. And the FED and the CIA operate unilaterally. And in some sense the house itself having so many factions they are divided among themselves; the healthcare bill proved it. And senate rejected the house bill that passed; so HOUSE AND SENATE ARE INDEED DIVIDED. We are becoming the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA.

  3. It is clear from the way Don jr. and Eric (the two Fredos) talk that they and their father are under the impression that having a lawyer at a meeting puts all matters discussed at that meeting under a cone of privilege. The stupid runs very deep in that family.

  4. This is strange. Yesterday Fox News uploaded a clip on exactly the same subject to YouTube and it was excellent quality: crisp, visualized with graphics, crystal clear and accurate. I complimented them for it in the comments section and I wasn't the only one. Now it appears to have vanished as I can't find it anymore. For the WaPo it is par for the course to deliver high quality information but not for Fox, which is why it strikes me that apparently it has been deleted now.

    Attorney client privilege is old as time itself
    And you can be sure if the shoe was on the other foot…..as in if it was Hilary Clinton’s lawyer???
    You Left “DELUSIONAL” dimwits would be “SCREAMING” Attorney Client privilege from the rooftops lol 😂
    The hypocrisy is astounding lololol

  6. Hate to say it but Dershowitz too Trump it had been broken in order to raise his 'awareness' Dershowitz said. Well, guess what? Trump was wrong. It wasn't an attack on this country as Dershowitz may have put it!
    Dershowitz can't give legal advice without a law license. He's been wrong so much of the time, even his old student, An Ambassador said He was wrong! And as such, Cohen did do things illegally for Trump!
    But Hannity? If Hannity isn't a client, he can't claim it. And asking a criminal Attorney for real estate advice, is wrong.


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