From ‘The Murder of a Rockstar’ – Columbo investigates the death of a rock singer and soon clashes with her former lover, a smooth defence lawyer. As the pair pit their wits against each other, it soon becomes apparent that the victim was threatening to reveal some of the lawyer’s shadier dealings.

He’s the greatest detective of all time, and he finally has his own official channel! Follow us for the clips and compilations of the most iconic murders and moments from the classic series.

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Columbo : Hot Shot Lawyer Challenges Columbo | Columbo


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  1. He was my hero growing up.
    I'm am now 43, and he is still my hero.
    This episode, like all of them was epic. The attorney thought he was really something special.
    Never ever even contemplate bending the truth with Lieutenant Frank Colombo

  2. Columbo wonโ€™t allow him to see the autopsy report yet the coroner openly tells the suspect the details of the cause of death such as strangulation and a broken neck.

  3. Well without the usual antic of Columbo's "one more question, one more thing I don't understand" and then hit us with a surprise discovery…..this clip really didn't get us anywhere.

  4. The murderer usually puts on a good show as if they are shocked, upset, grief stricken, etc. In the end, Columbo takes them down. (After embarrassing them, of course). That's the funny part.

  5. Stepping into the well (that's the room between the lawyers and the judge) will get you tackled to the ground.
    Secoundly, the defender tried to convince the jury with emotional means (which would be jury nullification if evidence purely suggested otherwise). I don't think this will get him anywhere and the opposing lawyer could easily object to it.

  6. We all know a face is not what you look at when deciding who's a murderer and who's not in a mugshot crime book. Many good looking and innocent faces are the faces of murderers.

  7. Hmmm…I am starting to get the sense that this channel was put up by Shera Danese possibly? She might quite possibly have the rights to his Mr. Falk's work here, and have the authority to upload episodes with no copyright fears.


    Ms. Danese played roles in six Columbo episodes, IMDB tells me. I can't help but notice a fair amount of the hand selected clips have featured her cameos.

    In this video from the episode, "The Murder of a Rockstar", Ms. Danese is featured beginning at 3:31. The clip from "A Trace of Murder" uploaded about ten days ago, upload titled "It Takes Two to Tango". The "Undercover" clip uploaded a few days ago was also an episode that she was featured, although she was not in that particular clip. "The Many Wives of Barsini" clip was from "Murder, A Self Portrait". It was uploaded in January, and featured Ms. Danese prominently.

    That leaves "Murder Under Glass", and "Fade in to Murder" as the remaining clips.

    Alrighty…Please direct your attention to the "Best of William Shatner" upload, and at 9:03, a young Shera Danese appears from the "Fade in to Murder" episode.

    That leaves one more episode, "Murder Under Glass". Help me out, fellow Columbo-philes. Is that episode featured on this channel, and if so, does Shera Danese featured?

    (long pause…walks away…)


    If my suspicions are correct, then…Thanks, Ms. Danese for the content. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I wanted to see this, thank you.
    Wasn't there also a scene where the lawyer kept coughing to distract the jury and the prosecutor, while also making hilarious comments about the amount of stabbing? I remember it well and yet it looks like it was deleted in most versions of this episode

  9. For all his smartness Columbo still caught him out at the end by discovering he had his female partner wear a mask of his face in order to get a driving ticket that made it look like he was speeding on the highway the time the murder was committed. I recently saw an episode of the original Columbo series called "Double Shock", and Dabney Coleman was in that as well, as a police sergeant colleague of his.


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