A Lawyer in Brazil is gunned won in the Street while his toddler daughter and wife watched him being forced onto the ground and then shot in cold blood!

The Horrifying moment shows doomed lawyer being ambushed while he is with his Daughter and Wife. The execution took place in Brazil, State of Permambucu.

The victim 46-year-old man “André Ribeiro” disturbing execution was caught on a CCTV camera. The video shows the the moment the lawyer realizes he is about to be assassinated, while he slowly hands his daughter to safety of her mother.

In the CCTV footage Ribeiro is seen stopping his car outside an address. But what he did not know was that befor his arrival, the suspected hitman was already waiting for him.

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Mr Ribeiro is seen getting out his vehicle and starts walking over to the back-door of the car where he is seen being handed his daughter! At this point the hitman dressed in a white T-Shirt and a Baseball cap appears and points a gun at Ribeiro.

Riberoy slowly hands over his daughter to the wife, while he is seen being forced onto the ground where the murderer fires five bullets into him at point blank range, instantly taking his life.

In a last ditch effort Ribeiro was able to secure his daughter and wifes life.


Video Clip: TheSun Via. Live Leak
Video Outro: DivYamz

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ENews : Horrifying moment lawyer is AMBUSHED & SHOT in cold blood by a hitman, while his wife & child watch




  1. what a bad people without religions no believe no faith no heart no feels no brain they are nothing .. and the drama still makes those people a brave mens by hitmans movies and kind of this… its bad world.

  2. Why would he have to kneel down if he was ready to die?? He should have just quickly turned around and try to grab the gun even with the dimmest chance. That last chance was probably better than no chance at all…

  3. Don't get me wrong this sucks it does but the lady's not panicking she's not covering a child's eyes she's not running to get the safety she's casually walking as it nothing's happening just seems a little weird

  4. This really has me at a loss for words because there are several things that do not add up : WHY did they park in total desolation , if worked/working on a highly prominent case cops must have been paid off not to protect him , he WAS NOT FORCED you can see him get on the ground willingly , they acted like they didn't believe the son of a bjtch
    was actually going to murder him , there was no seen:" NO PLEASE DON'T KILL MY HUSBAND " along with everything else that should have been expressed on camera , wife did not kneel to weep/wail over husband's body , at least they parked near a working camera ( in other words he must have known he was being targeted ) , the @sshcle has his back towards the camera not wanting to be identified but here's the kicker he let's the lawyer's wife live AND YET he thinks he won't be identified , I can probably come up with more but am just saying this to me is suspicious …


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