He is handsome

He is handsome

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  1. Stephen Hawking was rolling across a college campus on his way to give an address and a young woman came up to him and asked “Excuse me, are you the famous Stephen Hawking?”

    “No”, he said, “the real Stephen Hawking is much better looking.”

  2. I was once playing poker at the Venetian in Vegas. I look over at this dude that looks exactly like Steve Martin that has joined the table. I say “Hey! that guy looks just like Steve Martin!” Dude next to me from LA says “Yeah, he looks that way for a reason.” I ponder this for a moment and reply “Oh, so he’s like a Steve Martin impersonator or something?” “No, dude, I don’t think so.”

  3. One time I thought I saw Weird Al walking down the street but when I caught up to give him a high five it turned out to be Norm Al.

    Still a pretty cool guy. But not quite the same.

  4. Jeff Goldlum is such a character. I was in Seattle several years ago and saw him on the street taking pictures with fans. Seemed so genuine and nice and always had something witty to say to each fan. I asked to take a picture with him and as I was taking it he turned to me and said: “hey, did you know they did surgery on a grape?”.

  5. I work in St Pancras station in London and a few months ago Jeff Goldblum just turned up and started playing the piano a couple of feet away from the door to my store. A huge crowd formed and even seeped into my shop and a few of the neighbouring ones. We had no clue what was going on and who was at the piano until an older woman yelled “Jeff Goldblum, I love you!”
    We never saw him thanks to the crowd, but it was an interesting day to say the least.

  6. I met him at a signing recently and he genuinely was the nicest man imaginable. I was hilariously tongue tied and yet he totally rolled with the fact I squeaked and spoke at about 1000 miles an hour. The hug he gave was lovely and he was more than happy to take a photo with me.

    He’s everything you expect and more.

  7. I was walking through Manhattan several years ago and there were some film production trailers sitting outside of this building. I looked over and this dude was exiting the building they we’re in front of. I politely nodded at the guy because we made eye contact and he nodded back.

    It wasn’t till I walked another 10 feet or so that I realized it was Jeff Goldblum. I felt both incredibly cool because I didn’t freak out when I saw him because I was so excited and a little bit sad because I was freaking out right then because I was so excited that I saw him.

  8. I was at a trade show (food marketing) years ago. I walked over to pet the Borden dairy cow. Older guy says “she’s a sweet girl”. We’re chatting and i say “you look like a guy who has played some golf”. He stares back, nods and says “a little “

    It was Ken Venturi


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