Big Island Video News : Hawaii Eruption: USGS Conference Call (July 12, 2018)

Conference Call


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  1. Perhaps we can use Fissure 8 to good effect by subjecting war criminal Henry Kissinger to be tried by a war crimes tribunal; and if evil Henry is guilty, pass legislation allowing us to toss him by drone into Fissure 8 — instead of the usual being hung by the neck until dead.

  2. Ahalanui is gone. The School is gone. Kapoho is gone so much is gone! Three quarters of Lelani Estates and more is gone! Until Hale mau mau stops dropping nothing is safe! Kilauea is Pele's monster. I know she gives land…but it is so hard!

  3. Everyone should get away from Volcanoes when all the planets align on the same side of the sun on the 19th. Will last a couple weeks. Historically volcanoes have erupted every time. We are also in the Grand Solar Minimum which also effects volcanoes. The Oppenheimer Ranch Project and Dutchsinse are good channels. Also, a fissure opened up in Yellowstone today which spurred closures to part of the park

  4. If the delta collapses it probably won't go all at once. However 655 acres is very large. It's starting to get to the point where the scientists are having to walk a fine line. One between not wanting to be alarmists and scare people over something that might not happen, and the responsibility to warn residents about what could potentially happen.

  5. That last caller, WOW, Got so much more info. This is the sort of thing i would expect out of these types of releases that come from USGS. LAVA flow/ how quick did it move ?. The way its moving atm, is going south or towards more beach lots and coastal lines to make the island even bigger by the edge.. There's so much more left unsaid in this and todays update even yesterdays update left out more details that should have been released that only the people who actually go down and check on the lava are bringing to the people. Why do we have to hear it from them first and not you ?


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