If you have watched the subtitled version of Episode of 7 of Goblin Slayer, you may have noticed a 1 minute long footage of the canary’s eye at the end. In the original raw version of the episode, the credits were supposed to roll at that point.

This video showcases the original credit roll of episode 7, recorded with GeForce Experience.

The song is called Though Our Paths May Diverge by Mili.

Goblin Slayer does not belong to me.

GeForce Experience is owned by Nvidia.

I do not own anything presented in this video.

LChaos2 : Goblin Slayer Episode 7 original credit roll



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  1. UPDATE: Apparently, Crunchyroll was not the only one affected. Nico Nico Douga (for the Japanese viewers) and other anime streaming services also had the weird 1 minute long canary eye problem. The only thing not affected was the original TV airing.

    I think this is honestly just a mistake on somebody's end. While it is currently trendy to hate on crunchyroll, there's no real need to pin the blame on them. I'll edit the description to remove any mention of them.

  2. Sleep my child,
    They dont know your wars.
    Thou is not who your fighting for.
    sleep my child, they dont know your ward.
    Always give meaning to your end.
    Falling, (choir: die) falling for happiness
    Thyne (choir: though our) path be divert

  3. Sleep my child. They don't know your wars.
    That is not who you're fighting for.
    Sleep my child. They don't know your war.
    Always give meaning to your end.
    Falling, die for happiness.
    Though our paths may diverge.

  4. これが本物だよなぁ・・・ニコニコ動画のEDはおかしかった。


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