Becky’s Homestead : Getting Loans to Buy Land with Bad Credit



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  1. I cant believe i just got $4,320 positive balance in my credit card, its so amazing. Am glad i risked and summoned the
    courage to give it a try. You guys can contact him via text too +1 931 534 2950 he respond faster through text. You dont
    wanna miss this give it a try too or mail him on

  2. Hi, Becky, I just found you. Glad I did… I'm about to buy a 3 acre property… thinking of a small farm, goats, chicks, maybe a horse… I'll be watching all of your videos to learn more!
    It will be a challenge for us at first , I'm sure but I feel better knowing I can learn from you. Keep up the great work. I'm making your soap this week…. can't wait to see how it comes out!

  3. New Subbie going to check out your other channels (videos) . My husband and I don’t have bad credit but we always bought things with cash and saved up so that we never had a payment and not that we wanna buy a home we have found out that by doing things this way it has honestly came back to bite us the n the butt. Not fair Bc we always have made payments on time for like lay away or if we ever borrowed any money from family. I wish we could use things like this too use.


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