Facts. He also taps the trailer in a reaffirmation of his work

Facts. He also taps the trailer in a reaffirmation of his work

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  1. True, but it’s also like telling the inanimate object you set down somewhere precarious to “stay”, if you don’t make the mental and vocal effort to make it happen it won’t work.

  2. I once knew a guy at my warehouse who was obsessive about tightening the load as much as possible. On one hand, it’s great to put in effort and make sure it’s secure. But you can take it too far.

    One time he tightened the adjustable metal clasp on his strap SUPER tight. And then somehow a little more. So pleased with his work was he that he even yanked on the strap to prove it wouldn’t budge. It didn’t. Yanked again. Tight as can be. Yanked again and **SNAP** it all came undone and the heavy brass clasp whipped forward and hit him in the mouth. He was out cold before he hit the ground, teeth missing, bleeding all over the place.

    Diminishing returns on effort, folks.

  3. My dad, while strapping down my mother’s luggage as she was packing away for college back in the 80s, proudly tightened the straps and declared, “There’s nothing coming off this car but the wind.”

    I’m sure you can imagine how turning the first corner went.


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