Extreme Jesus

Extreme Jesus

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  1. My wife used to teach in an all girls Catholic school. She was the only Jewish teacher. The Jesus in her room fell at her head multiple times. She began to worry that Jesus was out to get her.

  2. We spoke to Jesus on his way to the pool today and he’s really hopeful to repeat his performance at Reykjavik where he pulled off that surprise Silver with the triple-twisting backflip gaynor off the 10 meter. A lot of folks are saying he’s too old, at 2,000, to compete against the current crop of athletes but I’ve got to say he was looking great.

  3. Hello, and welcome to Project Badass Volume XVI.

    As you can see, the mattresses are stacked three high, creating a safe but still amazingly badass landing zone.

    I will now light the fuse that is attached to the pyrotechnics all over my jacket and pants.

    Here goes…

    One, two, three…**bad ass**…


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