Excellent parenting

Excellent parenting

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  1. I’ll be the bad guy.

    The kid probably doesn’t even wanna play and is being forced to. The father is setting himself, *and his son,* up for failure.

    *Fuck you,* dad, I didn’t want to play soccer. I wanted to stay inside and watch Sailor Moon.

  2. 13 years from now, this father is going to be that jackass in the crowd that scolds their child for every mistake and criticize referees for every thing he doesn’t agree with. Kid will probably be an awesome player only because pops forced him to practice all the time and will fucking hate playing.

  3. Ah, nope, I hate this. Worst kind of parents to deal with at children’s games. The kind that might as well just strap their kid’s to their chest and play the games for them.


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