Everyone should

Everyone should

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  2. Janitor here, most people do this tho… There is a select few who are not really nice, but never outright mean to me. Just messy, which is my job to clean haha

    Edit: Thanks for my biggest comment yet, even here everyone is nice! Have faith in people and a lot will return the favor

  3. I was raised to treat the janitor with more respect than the CEO because the janitor will actually do things to help you out, and if the support personnel dislike you you are going to have a bad time.

  4. This is just basic manners tho. What kind of dickbag treats anyone badly?

    Edit: based on replies apparantly a lot of people. Y’all hang in there, I promise to be extra nice to you.

  5. TL;DR, I work as a “housekeeper” in a hospital and it’s pretty much 50/50 if people are going to be nice or nasty, even though our job can be high stakes, dangerous, life or death. So the people who thank us are shining stars in my heart.

    I clean a hospital. We do the usual janitorial stuff as well as accidents and messes for the patients, but also we take care of some pretty serious and sometimes dangerous stuff. I’ve cleaned up necrotizing fasciitis, operating rooms with C. Diff, MRSA out the wazoo, tuberculosis, etc. If we don’t do a thorough and cautious job, people could get very sick or maybe die. We have an incredible department. We were awarded last year for having the lowest rate of hospital acquired infections in the state, and we get a five star rating for our work (based on patient and family surveys and standardized assessments) almost every year. Whether we get treated well or treated like shit is a crapshoot. I’ve had a patient’s family tell me my job was disgusting and ask me why I would ever do anything so gross, and I’ve had a patient tell me I had one of the most important jobs in the hospital and make me an origami flower, which is still pinned up in our bteakroom. As far as doctors, nurses, CNAs, et al, you never know if you’re going to be treated as a peer and teammate or literally ignored when you say hello. People yell at us, people talk about how stupid and lazy we are, and it’s not uncommon at all for some of them to completely forget about us when it comes to safety planning and procedures. It’s very hard and often thankless, and sometimes it makes me furious, but I know my job is vitally important. You can’t put a patient in a dirty room. You can’t operate in an OR that hasn’t been disinfected. You can’t deliver a baby in a labor room that’s still bloody from the last delivery. I try to focus on the moments that make it rewarding, making my patients’ and their visitors’ days a little better when I come in to do a daily clean of their room, chatting with them, asking how they’re feeling compared to the day before– otherwise I’d go crazy. But yeah. The people who do appreciate us make it worth it. Rant over.

  6. As a city custodian with a college degree I can confirm there are some people who treat me like I am some idiot that dropped out of high school and that they’re better than me. The thing is, it’s the best job I could find. It also gives me the ability to work my way up within the city itself. It’s cool that Hardy seems humble.

  7. I hate how this implies people don’t respect janitors. Most people do.
    Most people have a healthy respect for other people. It’s the few who ruin it for everybody else


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