Every year I try to disguise my sister's Christmas present. This year I think I went a little too far...

Every year I try to disguise my sister’s Christmas present. This year I think I went a little too far…

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  1. My mother took an extra toilet & incorporated it into her garden (she took it apart, but I wouldn’t doubt her to use it as is). This could be a real present in my family.

  2. When i was like 10 i really really wanted a gameboy for my birthday. I couldn’t sleep because i was so sure i was getting one. In the morning i get this huge box and i just get sadder and more worried. I remove the wrapping and it’s a box for a vacuum cleaner. My heart just falls and i get so sad. I was 100% sure i was getting a vacuum cleaner.

    My mom told me to open it, and lo and behold. A lime green gameboy color.

    Kids are too easy to trick.

  3. When I started dating my GF we had been together 6 months for our first Christmas, so while we were getting pretty serious, we weren’t giving much.

    For fun I wrapped her present to look like a vacuum cleaner. I came over, we greeted each other and then she’s like “hey let’s play some games with my kids first!”

    She later admitted to me she honestly thought she was getting a vacuum from me and that she was trying to mentally prepare herself for getting a gift like that from her boyfriend.

    Sucker took me a good 3 hours to construct and wrap, but that includes drinks and hanging out with my brother as we laughed how funny it was going to be, so time well spent!


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