Every website in 2018

Every website in 2018

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  1. I’m not a robot. Click.

    Select all squares with street signs.

    Select all squares with street signs.

    Select all squares with street signs.

    Select all squares with street signs.

  2. I find that websites these days, for companies in particular, really *bury* the damn phone number, you know, the thing I want to use to call you.

    Even ‘contact us’ can be a form or various social media links.

    Seems like a lot don’t like offering up that number too readily, you got to work for it, don’t want to be fielding actual phone calls from the public!

  3. Dont forget “looks like your using adblocker please unblock us or you cannot proceeds”


    HOTTEST NASTIEST PUSSY IN YOUR AREA *pic is dvda scene* followed by “your computer has indicated it is infected with the virus and spyware” popup that forces you to either have fast reactions or force close the browser

  4. Dude, the original one on r/ProgrammerHumor was a nice, clean imgur link, and you repost it with that steaming pile of shite that is v.reddit? What the hell is wrong with you?

  5. Better than “Oh Snap!” “The content provider has not made this content available in your region” well thanks a lot for making me click through 20 dialogue boxes to find you’re not even going to serve me this shitting content!

  6. Don’t forget the screen jumping down just as you go to click the “x” and you actually click the ad. It angers me so much I believe people should go to jail for a website doing that

  7. I hate the webpages that are all just one long page, that changes as you scroll down, and links scroll you further down the page. It’s like they’re trying so hard to be modern and dynamic and shit, while normal pages are so much easier to use.


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