Children of God are those who receive this good news by repenting of sin and confessing this great redeemer as Lord. As a result, all HIS righteousness is credited to our account. Our righteousness crisis is solved. We walk into court under a death sentence, under a crushing weight of debt we could never pay, and we walk out owing nothing. More than that: we enter God’s courtroom as the most indebted person imaginable, and through God-given faith we leave it wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.Jesus is the ultimate angel investor. He gave us not simply good terms on a loan, but his moral purity. He both covered our sins and provided us with his righteousness. We could say that he was our silent partner, but that would be wrong. He delivered to us everything we needed, but he was not silent. His gift of righteousness, imputed through faith, came through death on a cross. Jesus screamed his way through it. He convulsed and doubled over at the pain. But he did not come down from his torture instrument. He stayed up there, and He paid it all.

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All our debt was paid by all his agony.

Christ Kingdom Citizens : Dont talk to me, talk to my lawyer with Mam” Thabisile Mahlaba





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