Please, don’t buy your first car from the dealership until you learn this tricky little technique. Bad Credit or Good, financing a car is a big step that requires the right mindset to get it right. Here’s how car salesmen and dealerships don’t want you to think. Learn how to finance a car with no credit. They want you to think basic. Watch and listen as I discuss my reasoning behind financing my car and choosing to pay it off in about three months all while having very little credit history.

Car payments are a sin in my financial vision. After my other car broke down, I was forced to purchase another vehicle. Due to my lack of credit history, my interest rate was high. Nevertheless, due to my technique of buying a car I can afford I was able to pay the car note off which allowed me to save a lot on interest and build a small amount of credit history.

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RashaadRahh : Don’t Finance Your Next Car Until You Watch This! (Car Loan Tips, No Credit)




  1. I’ve uploaded Track & Field videos in the past weeks. This is the first business video in months. Does anyone still subscribe for business videos? Comment & boost the likes to let me know

  2. One good tip is to finance part of the car cost. If you pay the payment on time, it will assist your credit for future loans and credit cards or even a house! If you can, pay more like $10 more at least as the loan will get paid quicker. You don’t always have to pay it all at once unless it’s an older model car on Craigslist

  3. From my personal point of view. In nz. I dont know if everywherr else. Buying a car through finance/loans. Is the norm unless you brought second hand its all normal daily life. But in nz getting a car off finance etc is better because if you can make payments then yiur sussed! You credit goes up. Over all hire purchase is good if yes you can afford it. Either with that amount saved or with an income that supports! Love this dude

  4. Yo Rashaad, True story I remember watching your vid from like a year ago. Made the mistake of not subscribing fast forward to now I'm just catching up. Keep doing ya thing Brah. Peace

  5. I have my first car still after just graduating a couple months outta highschool but im thinking of financing a car threw the bank ( 07-10 challenger) ? I currently don’t have the a decent job & I know I can make those monthly payments without ease but is it still a bad idea in long run bruh? Also you should do more videos on how to start a business or make more money‼️ keep up the good work tho fammo been watching you for years now lol

  6. the african americans getting higher interest rates thing is not true its all based on previous credit history your score is very important in life nowadays less you a millionaire


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